F76 Strangler Plant Tree

A plant overrun by strangler vines

Strangler plants, or strangler vines, are red-orange, mutated plant tendrils native to the Mire.


After the explosion and core meltdown of Vault 94's G.E.C.K.,[1] a thick fog poured from the vault's entrance and down into the surrounding forest.[2][3] It rapidly changed the area into a swampy environment and infested the region with strangler vines, transforming the area into the Mire.[4]


Strangler vines are thick, red-orange vines controlled by strangler hearts in the area. They infest and attach themselves to living things, including the region's large trees.[5] The vines wrap around and burrow into the trees, leaving patches of visible pores and small barnacle-like growths.

The vines also have the ability to infect and control creatures, including mirelurks and feral ghouls.[6] Infected creatures act as a hive mind and work to defend the strangler heart. Once a nearby strangler heart is exterminated, however, the creatures cease to function and die.[7][8]

Strangler vines are strong enough to displace inanimate objects such as vehicles and cargo crates. With time, they can tear apart and lift buildings or, in the case of Tanagra Town, significantly raise entire portions of land.

On infected organisms (namely trees), the vines may grow and produce strangler pods. When mixed with other ingredients, these pods can be used to create compounds with significant healing properties such as super stimpaks.

The strangler pods are resistant to blooming, but can be forced to produce strangler blooms by flushing high-powered fertilizer and infusing it into the nearby swamp.[9][10] As discovered by researchers at Vault 94, the rare flowers can be used to protect against radiation with greater effectiveness than Rad-X.[11] Ella Ames was on the verge of using the blooms to create RadShield prior to her death.



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