We got some pretty good stuff from the last raid, and unlike last time, I don't want any incidents. The only logical conclusion was to hide everything throughout this room. If you can read this, you have my permission to use any items you can find.Treasure hunt note

The storage building is a building located at the top of Black Mountain.


The storage building is located in between the prison and the recording studio in the broadcast building area at the top of Black Mountain. There are several shelves filled with random items, a Nuka-Cola vending machine, several locked chests, and a broken Mister Handy robot (requires 60 in Science to fix). It also contains a note, written by Tabitha.

Notable lootEdit


There are four missiles in the storage building; not three, as the note indicates. The fourth one is sandwiched between a board and the upturned desk against the northeast wall, underneath one of the building's big trunks.


The storage building appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


Xbox 360Icon xbox360 When trying to exit after talking to Tabitha (if the player character fixes Rhonda before the quest is given), the door may be impossible to interact with, even though the "open door" option appears. This is fixed only by reloading a save made before entering the building. This problem can also be solved simply by killing Rhonda. [verified]


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