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Stop the Raiding (displayed as Stop the Raiding at (Location Name)) is a Minutemen radiant quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Minutemen radiant quest: Stop the Raiding
Speak to the leader of the settlement.
Travel to the raider's location.
Eliminate the target raider.
Report your success to the leader of the settlement.
Reward: ~100 caps
Report your success to Preston Garvey.
Reward: 200+ XP

Detailed walkthrough

After joining the Minutemen, this quest can be periodically obtained when talking to Preston Garvey or listening to Radio Freedom. The Sole Survivor is informed that an allied settlement is having trouble with a group of raiders, and is asked to help the settlement deal with them. Alternatively, the quest may be obtained directly from a settler at an owned settlement even if the Sole Survivor has not joined the Minutemen (though this occurs very infrequently).

To proceed with the quest the Sole Survivor must travel to the settlement and talk to their leader, who will give the details: a large group of raiders came by recently asking for tribute, which the settlement was forced to pay for their own protection. The settler will point the Sole Survivor to the raiders' hideout and ask that the raiders be dealt with.

To complete the objective, the Sole Survivor must travel to the raider hideout and eliminate the marked raider boss. Unmarked enemies do not need to be killed to complete the quest. With the threat neutralized, the Sole Survivor can talk to the settler from before to receive thanks and a reward of ~100 caps. If the quest was given by Preston Garvey, the Sole Survivor must report back to him to turn in the quest; it will be completed immediately upon receiving the reward otherwise.

Settlements asking for help

Possible raider locations

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
50 Travel to <Alias=ActualLocation>I heard on Radio Freedom that a friendly settlement is asking for help from the Minutemen. OR
Preston Garvey told me that a friendly settlement is being threatened by raiders, and has asked for help from the Minutemen.
100 Kill the raiders in <Alias=RaiderDungeon>A gang of Raiders has been terrorizing <Alias=ActualLocation>. I need to find them, and make sure they'll never be a threat to anyone else again.
200 Report your success to the people of <Alias=ActualLocation>I was able to take out the leader of the nearby Raider gang. They should no longer be a threat to anyone. I need to return to <Alias=ActualLocation> and let them know they're safe.
450 Talk to Preston GarveyNow that I've helped <Alias=ActualLocation>, I need to let Preston know the good news. OR
I should let Preston know we won't be gaining the support of <Alias=ActualLocation>.
500Quest finishedQuest complete

Companion reactions

Accept the quest from the settlerDislikesLikeLikeLikeLikeLikeNo reactionLikeLoveLikeLikeNo reactionLikeHates
Refuse to help the settlementLikeDislikesDislikesNo reactionDislikesDislikesNo reactionDislikesDislikesNo reactionDislikesNo reactionDislikesLike


  • This quest will not be given if the Sole Survivor does not control any settlements.
  • This quest will only be given for settlements with a population of at least 1.
  • With the Nuka-World add-on installed, this quest will not be given for settlements that have been captured or subdued by the Nuka-World raiders.
  • The death of the settlement leader will result in the quest failing. If Preston gave the quest, the Sole Survivor must report their failure to him before the quest is removed from the quest log.
  • Although this is technically a Minutemen quest, it can be obtained before joining the Minutemen. If the Sole Survivor has joined the Minutemen, the quest dialogue will include mentions of the Minutemen; this dialogue is omitted otherwise. This trait is shared with the other settlement-related quests.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 The option to say that the targeted location has been previously cleared won't appear, along with the quest marker, preventing the quest completion. Clearing the location anyways won't fix this. [verified]
    • This can be fixed by running setstage 0003df95 200 in the console.
  • PCPC In certain locations, NPCs might spawn in inaccessible locations (for instance, Roger Warwick at Warwick homestead might spawn inside the water cistern). This bug is shared with the other settlement quests.[verified]
    • PCPC This can be resolved by using the console command targetID.moveto player to teleport the NPC in question.
    • The Warwick homestead example can be resolved by building stairs into the cistern and a bell outside of it. Using the bell and waiting for an in-game hour (using the Wait option) will cause the NPCs to spawn near the bell.