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Stinking Operators is a holotape in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World. It is recorded by a raider from the Pack.


The tape can be found in the Nuka-Town backstage, on a small table with a lit lantern in the northwestern corner of the main hall.



Raider Man: Remember that Operator I gave a nose job? Well, she came around with some pals. Tried to get a jump on me. Now I got three dead Ops in that dumpster -- the one where we stashed those chems. Didn't mean to kill 'em. But when it's three to one, you got to go hard. They're starting to smell. Get a crew, a couple hacksaws and some shovels. Meet me back there tonight. And for fuck sakes, erase this tape.

Behind the scenes

The subtitles for this holotape attribute the speaker as "Raider Man," though the voice is that of a woman.

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