The Stingray Deluxe was a small military fighter jet that flew before the war.


The Stingray Deluxe jet is a rather small turbojet aircraft with a joined wing design. It also possesses a V-tail, meaning that it has ruddervators. The jet has a wire loop ADF on top just aft of the small canopy.


Fallout 4Edit

The Stingray Deluxe can be found wrecked around the Commonwealth:

  • Crashed into the overpass near the Peabody house.
  • On display at the ArcJet Systems building.
  • Wrecked and sunken into a pool in the Glowing Sea, close to the decrepit factory and Rocky cave; one of its wings have been ripped off.
  • It also appears on the Museum of Freedom's mural.
  • Crashed upside down and covered in bushes near Nordhagen Beach.
  • Underwater south of Nordhagen Beach.
  • South of West Everett Estates along with two military vehicles and a leveled power armor suit. A utility protectron is also found here, walking around the crash site.
  • One is crashed on the rocky island, east off the coast of Salem. There is a sleeping roll in a tent under its right wing.
  • One is crashed in the highway directly south of Covenant and north of Wattz Consumer Electronics.
  • Gametitle-FO4 FH One is on display in the Vim! Pop factory.
  • The Tesla Science Magazine cover featuring the Stingray Deluxe portrays it armed with four cannons, missiles and rocket pods, suggesting that the Stingray Deluxe was used in an attacker or fighter/bomber role.

Fallout 76Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

The Art of Fallout 4 indicates that the Stingray Deluxe was first intended to be a private jet.


Fallout 4Edit

Fallout 76Edit

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