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Stimpaks are a resource in Fallout Shelter.


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A wonder of pre-War science, stimpaks are typically syringes filled with a mixture of healing agents and stimulants, allowing the user to boost their own body's natural regenerative functions.[1] In most cases, it leads to an almost instantaneous regeneration of wounds. The syringe is equipped with a gauge for quickly identifying the state of the contents and can be used either in an intravenous or intramuscular fashion. Although now commonly used for healing bullet holes and stab wounds, stimpaks were employed professionally through Auto-Docs (in conjunction with Med-X and other painkillers) for postoperative care and recovery.[2] John Cassidy speaks of their efficacy, expressing gratitude that millions were produced before the Great War,[3] still abundant several centuries after.

Stimpaks can also be used to treat physical conditions, such as a heart condition, but only temporarily.[4] However, the basic stimpak is designed for use on minor wounds, as the soup of healing medication is ineffective at treating major trauma.[5] A stimpak also does not prevent scarring from excessive third-degree burns or additional extensive scarring as it simply boosts natural regenerative functions.[6][7] Expiration is a concern for those who use stimpaks, but other than giving a weaker boost to healing, they function just as an unexpired stimpak.[8] Chemists with sufficient knowledge can create new stimpaks.[9]


Stimpaks are used to heal 50% of a vault dweller's health. However, they cannot heal any radiation damage done to the dwellers, which is marked with a red bar, until it has been removed with RadAway. They can be given to vault dwellers who are sent to explore the wasteland, who will automatically use them when their health gets too low.

Obtaining stimpaks

There are three basic sources of stimpaks:

Fallout Shelter: The Board Game

In the board game version of Fallout Shelter the stimpak is an item card that can be "exhausted" (tapped) each turn to heal a single dweller. Dwellers can also be healed on spaces noted with a stimpak such as the medbay and the top level elevator space.

Unlike the mobile game, dwellers do not have a health bar (they are either injured or they are not), and if injured cannot be placed anywhere that does not have the stimpak.


The most stimpaks and RadAways a dweller can leave the vault with is 25, but they may acquire and carry more as they explore the wastes.



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