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Stimpak, or stimulation delivery package, is a consumable in Fallout 3.


The stimpak is a type of hand-held medication used for healing the body. It consists of a syringe for containing and delivering the medication and a gauge for measuring the status of the stimpak's contents. When the medicine is injected, it provides immediate healing of the body's minor wounds.

The amount of health restored by one stimpak is between 30–90 HP (36–108 HP with the Fast Metabolism perk), and is dependent on the Medicine skill. It is equivalent to the expression (with Fast Metabolism, or ), where is the level of the Medicine skill.

Medicine skill effect

10+36 Hit Points 
20+42 Hit Points 
30+48 Hit Points 
40+54 Hit Points 
50+60 Hit Points 
60+66 Hit Points 
70+72 Hit Points 
80+78 Hit Points 
90+84 Hit Points 
100+90 Hit Points 


In contrast to previous games, stimpaks in Fallout 3 can be used to heal crippled limbs. When used on a limb, it heals a relatively high amount of damage on the limb, along with slight healing for the body overall. Conversely, when used on the whole body, a relatively high amount of damage on the whole body is healed, but the limbs are healed only slightly. Because of this, the use of stimpaks is rather tactical.


Stimpaks can be found in almost every first aid box and often accompany other hand-held medical equipment on compartment trays. They also appear in the wares of most merchants, even if the merchants are not specialized in selling medical supplies.


  • In Vault 101, there are two undersized stimpaks in the clinic.
  • One can easily obtain a large number of stimpaks by trading in technology (such as with power armor or energy weapons) to Protector Casdin at Fort Independence (see The Outcast Collection Agent for more information).
  • A model and icon for a super stimpak can be found in the G.E.C.K. editor, suggesting that super stimpaks were part of Fallout 3's development, but were removed from the final game.
  • One can obtain stimpaks from Winthrop by giving him scrap metal in Underworld.
  • In The Pitt add-on, Brand can supply stimpaks (with bad Karma), as a reward for ratting out the slaves.
  • The lowest possible price to buy stimpaks (with Master Trader & Barter 100) is 25 caps. Selling them back will be 23 caps.