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The super stimpak, or stimpak: super, is a healing chem in Fallout 76.


Similar to the standard stimpak, super stimpaks consist of a hypodermic needle attached to a syringe. The super stimpak has an additional vial mounted to the side of the syringe and has a leather strap to secure the needle to the injured limb. It has a gauge for measuring the pounds per inch differential during injection.

When used, super stimpaks rapidly heal the user's injuries, restoring 40% of Hit Points over two seconds and restoring 80% HP over 20 seconds. Unlike previous iterations, the super stimpak in Fallout 76 has no debuff after use.

The stimpak extra, a similar item exclusive to the Nuclear Winter game mode, appears with weaker overall effects.


Steel (1)
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Learned from plan/recipe
Recipe: Super stimpak
Stimpak: super (1)



The stimpak: super has a drastically different crafting recipe to previous iterations of super stimpak, which were crafted from regular stimpaks enhanced with fruit and Nuka-Cola.

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