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Super stimpak
Fallout 2Stimpak
Super stimpak
Fallout 3Stimpak
Health dispenser Gametitle-FO3 OA
Fallout: New VegasStimpak
Super stimpak
Auto-inject stimpak Gametitle-FNV LR
Auto-inject super stimpakGametitle-FNV LR
Fallout 4Stimpak
Curie's healthpak
Fallout 76Stimpak
Stimpak: diluted
Stimpak: super
Stimpak diffuser Gametitle-FO76 WA
Expired stimpak Gametitle-FO76 NW
Stimpak Gametitle-FO76 NW
Stimpak extra Gametitle-FO76 NW
Fallout TacticsStimpak
Super stimpak
Ultra stimpak
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Super stimpak
Fallout ShelterStimpak
Fallout: The Board GameStimpak
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Super stimpak
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A stimpak, short for stimulation delivery package, is a type of hand-held medication used for boosting the body's own regenerative properties.[1]


A wonder of pre-War science, stimpaks are typically syringes filled with a mixture of healing agents and stimulants, allowing the user to boost their own body's natural regenerative functions.[2] In most cases, it leads to an almost instantaneous regeneration of wounds. The syringe is equipped with a gauge for quickly identifying the state of the contents and can be used either in an intravenous or intramuscular fashion. Although now commonly used for healing bullet holes and stab wounds, stimpaks were employed professionally through Auto-Docs (in conjunction with morphine and other painkillers) for postoperative care and recovery.[3] Due to their miraculous healing capabilities, stimpaks were ubiquitous across the United States with John Cassidy believing millions were produced before the Great War,[4] and are still abundant several centuries after.

Stimpaks can also be used to treat physical conditions, such as a heart condition, but only temporarily.[5] However, the basic stimpak is designed for use on minor wounds, as the soup of healing medication is ineffective at treating major trauma.[1] A stimpak also does not prevent scarring from excessive third-degree burns or additional extensive scarring as it simply boosts natural regenerative functions.[6][7] Expiration is a concern for those who use stimpaks, but other than giving a weaker boost to healing, they function just as an unexpired stimpak.[8] Chemists with sufficient knowledge can completely subvert expiration however by creating new stimpaks.[9]

To this end, more advanced variants of the stimpak were developed. The super stimpak is the most common variant, containing an additional vial of more drastic healing chems, dramatically increasing the healing effect. However, the healing effect will eventually cause minor trauma to the tissues healed due to the potency of the drug.[10] Gametitle-FOT More advanced variants, such as the ultra stimpak, offer even more powerful healing capabilities, at a proportionally higher eventual damage to the tissue.[11]

Health dispensers used during the Anchorage Reclamation, manufactured by Lee Rapid Pharmaceuticals, have an identical delivery method, which hints that stimpaks are also a product of the company developed from previous health dispensers used in the Sino-American War. The fictional nature of the simulation should also be taken into consideration, however, as it is possible Lee Rapid and their dispensers never existed.



FO3 stimpak

A stimpak is an autoinjector loaded with a variety of healing medications and stimulants. By injecting the stimpak, one drastically increase one's own recuperative functions and gains lost hit points almost instantly.[1][2]

Super stimpakEdit

Chem SuperStim

The advanced version of the stimpak boasts stronger healing drugs, delivered both via the syringe and a tributary ampule, both connected to a leather strap allowing to securely affix the contraption to the injection area. The analogue gauge displaying information is on top of the ampule. The powerful nature of the drugs used means that the delayed shock deals a minor amount of damage to the user after some time.[12] It is a fairly rare item in the wasteland, usually only manufactured by high tech settlements like Vault City.

Auto-inject (super) stimpakEdit

Auto-inject stimpak
Auto-inject super stimpak
Gameplay article: Lonesome Road

The auto-inject (super) stimpak is a modified stimpak which monitors vital signs, allowing for timely emergency treatment. It is used automatically from the player character's inventory when their hit points drop below 50% (25% auto-inject super stimpak) of current maximum level.

Stimpak diffuserEdit

HalluciGen gas grenade
Gameplay article: Wild Appalachia

The stimpak diffuser releases a healing gas into the air which heals both the player character and their nearby teammates.

Expired stimpakEdit

FO3 stimpak

A stimpak that has not been stored in proper conditions and is thus not as effective centuries after it was manufactured.

Ultra stimpakEdit

Gameplay article: Fallout Tactics
Mini-FOT LogoThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

The ultra stimpak is an advanced version of super stimpak and a highly powerful healing chem, providing immediate healing of major wounds and boosting the body's regenerative functions over time. Due to the very powerful nature of the chemicals used, ultra stimpaks will cause damage after a period of time.

The ultra stimpak is made up of two regular stimpaks, with one stimpak connected to a wrist belt for immediate injection, and one connected to a breathing mask, allowing for the healing drug to be administrated as gas.

Mini-FOT LogoEnd of information based on Fallout Tactics.

Health dispenserEdit

Health Dispenser
Gameplay article: Operation: Anchorage

Health dispensers are stationary health stations found in the Anchorage Reclamation simulation. Although immobile, they are reusable and more powerful than regular stimpaks, as they restore health to full no matter how low it is.

Super Duper stimpakEdit

Gameplay article: Project V13

PV13 An even more superior version of super stimpak.

Homemade stimpakEdit

FO3 stimpak
Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas
Canonbox defaultThe following is based on the JSawyer mod and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

A homemade version of the stimpak made after the Great War. Such stimpaks reduce the user's perception temporarily, similarly to the more primitive healing powder.

Canonbox defaultEnd of information based on the JSawyer mod.

Behind the scenesEdit

Equipment known as "Stimpacks" are also used by Terran infantry in the StarCraft universe. This was published the year after the original Fallout was. However, rather than healing, they increase the speed of the recipient, at the cost of causing damage to their physiology. "Stimpacks" are also an item that appears in the early titles of the Doom series; like in the Fallout setting, they are described as healing stimulants, and similarly, restore lost health.


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