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|Tag Skills=[[Small Guns]], [[Big Guns]], [[First Aid]]
|Tag Skills=[[Small Guns]], [[Big Guns]], [[First Aid]]
'''Stein''' is a recruit in ''[[Fallout Tactics]]''.
'''Stein''' is a recruit in ''[[Fallout Tactics]]''.

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Mini-FOT Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Stein is a recruit in Fallout Tactics.

Stein works well at a distance or in support. He couples great long-range skills with heavy weapon skills, making him perfect for breaking enemy bunker positions. Likes to keep at the back of the field, picking off unsuspecting enemies.


Stein becomes available after you've reached the rank of Squire.


Stein appears only in Fallout Tactics.


In Fallout 3, in Sawbones' medical computer in the Citadel B-Ring, a character named Paladin Stein is reported to be MIA. It could be speculated that this is the same Stein from FOT, and was perhaps promoted and relocated to D.C.

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