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The steel sword is a weapon in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Fantasy Hero Set."


It comes with the Furious legendary effect, dealing increased damage for every consecutive hit on a target.

Weapon modificationsEdit

ModDescriptionWeapon prefixIcon damageIcon weightIcon merchantEffect(s)Perk(s) requiredComponentsBase ID
No upgrade
Sharp bladeTargets bleed. Exceptional damage.Sharp+16Icon bleed+75Blacksmith: 1Adhesive x3
Fiberglass x4
Oil x3
Steel x7
Electrified bladeAdds Electrical damage.Electrified+30Icon electrical+75Blacksmith: 2
Science!: 1
Adhesive x4
Aluminum x8
Circuitry x3
Rubber x3
Nuclear bladeTargets take radiation damage.Nuclear+44Icon radiation+150Blacksmith: 2
Science!: 2
Acid x2
Adhesive x2
Aluminum x2
Nuclear material x3
Rubber x2


Found in the restroom of Shenley's Oyster Bar at the end of Method to the Madness. It lies next to the iron helmet and Dave's throne.

Behind the scenesEdit

The steel sword's design is based off the item of the same name from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, another Bethesda Softworks title.


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