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The steel saw is a melee weapon available in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


The steel saw is the standard tool of many Pitt slaves to cut metal.[1]


The steel saw is a weaker version of the auto axe, dealing roughly half as much damage. It appears to be a modified concrete cutter or concrete saw, with a rotating metal blade. Slaves use the steel saw for cutting through metal objects. However, this does not translate to an in-game damage bonus against robots.


The steel saw can successfully strike about 625 times from full condition before breaking.


  • Auto axe - a modified and stronger version of the steel saw made out of old car parts
  • Man Opener - a stronger variant that ignores armor (power armor included).
  • The Mauler - the strongest variant of auto-axe.


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Auto axe 35
Man Opener 35
35Ignores DR1x00651.14572020010
Steel saw 16
The Mauler 45
Note: Melee damage is doubled in V.A.T.S.


  • A chance to loot this item occurs during the slave revolt, as several slaves will die, and some may have this weapon on their bodies.
  • Can be found on Adan's body, near the bus, during the slave revolt.
  • Brand carries one.




PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Sometimes, the saw will not show in first person at all, making it very hard to tell where you're hitting. [verified]


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game Of The Year Edition p. 118: "The standard equipment used by most Pitt Slaves to cut metal. It can also cut skin and bone, so it is useful in a pinch but is superseded by the far more powerful Auto Axe. Collect and use this weapon as spare parts to repair any Auto Axes you are collecting. As each weapon looks identical, don’t forget to equip the right one!"