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Steel ingots are miscellaneous items found in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


These are high grade ingots of steel that were forged before the Great War. In the intervening years before 2277, they were scattered through the grounds of the now-defunct steelyard that produced them. These ingots are highly sought after by the Pitt raiders, due to their superior quality compared to the steel produced by the Pitt slaves. The raiders regularly send Pitt slaves into the steelyard to try and retrieve the ingots, and occasionally the raiders themselves will attempt to find them, but the trogs and Wildmen occupying the yard make this a death sentence for many of the would-be steelers.


Following the guide below, it is possible and recommended to gather all 100 ingots in one run as the ingots are weightless at this point. Turning in the first 10 ingots and completing the quest will give any ingots collected afterward a weight of 1. Starting with the steelyard, the (X/Y) reference will be used. X shows the number of ingots a given location and Y shows the number of ingots total that should be in inventory after picking up the ingots at that spot. Keep in mind that steel ingots can be collected in any order and can still be given to Everett after completing the main quest line of The Pitt.

Note: Picking an Average lock (50 Lockpick) is required to gather all 100 ingots. Lockpick can be temporarily boosted by using chems and/or wearing apparel that increases PER and/or Lockpick skills.


There are 79 steel ingots in the Pitt steelyard.

Image Qty Location
FO3 Ingottem 2.jpg 2 Next to the dead slave immediately upon entering the steelyard.
FO3 Ingottem 6.jpg 2 There are two in the first of three dumpsters to the left by the trailer. Access this dumpster by jumping over from the roof of the truck.
FO3 Ingottem 5.jpg 2 There are two ingots in the second dumpster to the left. Access this dumpster by jumping over from the roof of the nearby building.
FO3 Ingottem 1.jpg 3 There are three in the smaller dumpster to the west, there is a dead slave hanging over the dumpster's edge.
FO3 Ingottem 2 10.jpg 2 Up the stairs, over the broken fence, go right, then turn left. There are two between the knocked over barrels.
FO3 Ingottem 9.jpg 2 Two on top of the boxcar on the tracks cutting through the middle of the steelyard.
FO3 Ingottem 2 7.jpg 3 To the east of the boxcars, there are three in a dumpster near the entrance to the supply plant.
FO3 Ingottem 4.jpg 2 By the dumpsters encountered first, taking a left instead of a right up the stairs, towards a small building to the right. There are two on the shelf by two first aid boxes.
FO3 Ingottem 3 1.jpg 2 Outside the small building head left through the gate, towards a dumpster. Two ingots can be accessed by jumping to the dumpster using the adjacent building's roof.
FO3 Ingottem 2 13.jpg 2 Over the barbed wire fence to the south, then to the west towards dead end. Underneath the pipe running along the wall, there is a dead slave and two ingots.
FO3 Ingottem 2 16.jpg 2 Jump on top of the generator just behind to find a plank and climb back over the fence and back up the stairs that were used to get into the dumpster. Facing north, there is another set of stairs that head down to the ingots near a pile of gore and a trog.
FO3 Ingottem 3 2.jpg 3 Follow the path east and then take a right until coming to a gate. Open the gate and turn to the left. At the culvert's end there is a dead slaver and three ingots.
FO3 Ingottem 2 17.jpg 3 Turn to the left and continue into the radiated barrels. There are three more ingots in the middle.
FO3 Ingottem 2 5.jpg 2 Go to the end of the barrel path and turn left. Go up the stairs and jump across to the building. Turn right, heading west. Go to the end of that building's roof to see a makeshift bridge crossing over to other buildings, with two ingots in the middle of the bridge.
FO3 Ingottem 2 1.jpg 2 Continue across to the other side of the bridge. Stay on the roof of the building and head to its western end. A dead Pitt slave will be on the left at the top of the stairs, and around the corner to the right, there are two ingots sitting on a lower roof facing northwest.
FO3 Ingottem 2 2.jpg 2 Dropping to the ground from the roof, there is a shelf on which two ingots are found.
FO3 Ingottem 2 12.jpg 2 Head south toward the open gates. Before going through the gates, look left towards stairs on the side of a building, where two ingots are located behind a pile of tires.
FO3 Ingottem 2 6.jpg 2 Through the open gates and up the flight of stairs to the west, there are two ingots on the first landing next to a dead slave named Wild Bill.
FO3 Ingottem 2 15.jpg 2 Up the stairs there are two ingots in a wildmen shack.
FO3 Ingottem 2 4.jpg 2 Heading east from the shack on the metal catwalk, cross a pipe and turn to the left. Continue on the catwalk until it crosses under a pipe trogs are located on top of, then jump onto the pipe which runs parallel to the catwalk. The pipe turns right and a trog, pipe of gore, and two ingots are located here.
FO3 Ingottem 2 3.jpg 4 Turn around and jump back onto the catwalk where the pipe bends. At the wooden planks, drop down to the building below and head for the western edge of the roof. Drop down to the ground and head north around the corner of the building, then turn left down the first narrow alley. There is an upright mining cart containing 4 ingots, first aid kit, and an ammunition box.
FO3 Ingottem 3 5.jpg 2 To the north, a wall leads eastwards towards a fence. Follow the fence around the corner to the right behind several barrels. At the end, there is a dead slave, a combat shotgun, shells, and two ingots.
FO3 Ingottem 2 14.jpg 4 Progress up the nearby stairs, head west, and up an additional set of stairs, turning left and then a right between a furnace and a wall. Four ingots are found in the northwest corner behind a dome next to two first aid boxes.
FO3 Ingottem 8.jpg 12 At the very top of the catwalk structure, there are 12 ingots above the level with the ceiling mounted turret.
FO3 Ingottem 7.jpg 7 On the turret level, there is a conveyor belt extending to the east. Drop down and progress to the end, where seven ingots are found.
FO3 Ingottem 3 4.jpg 4 On the rooftop with the furnace, there is a chain link fence to the south. One of the pipes behind the fence leads to a platform below, four ingots, an auto-axe, and a dead slave are found to the left of the last silo.
FO3 Ingottem 3.jpg 2 To the northeast of the supply plant entrance, past the protectron pods, there is a collapsed tunnel with two ingots next to a dead slave.

Supply plant

There are 18 steel ingots in the supply plant.

Image Qty Location
FO3 Ingottem 13.jpg 3 In the second room there are three ingots on the ground.
FO3 Ingottem 2 9.jpg 8 On the lower level of the factory, at the end of the tracks, either ingots are found in an overturned mine cart near a dead wildman.
FO3 Ingottem 11.jpg 4 or 6 In an Average locked room, the door surrounded by bobby pin boxes and skeletons, the ingots are located on the shelf and floor.
FO3 Ingottem 12.jpg 2 Two may instead be located in an overturned mine cart in a northwestern hallway.
FO3 Ingottem 2 18.jpg 1 In the bedroom with the pitching machine suspended from the ceiling, one ingot is found on the dresser.

Abandoned area

There are three steel ingots in the Abandoned area.

Image Qty Location
FO3 Ingottem 2 8.jpg 3 Activating the switch at the 'end' of the supply plant opens the shortcut back to the entrance, which will close after some time or upon leaving. Return through the abandoned area which links the steelyard and The Mill. At the end of the caged catwalk, the hole in the fence to the right of the door leads to a pair of mine carts. The upright cart has the last three ingots in it.

The first time entering, these ingots will be inaccessible. Returning to the area from the steelyard after collecting at least 10 ingots will reveal a trog that has torn a hole in the fence, allowing access to the mine cart.



  • On the initial trip to retrieve ten ingots, their weight will not register against the player character's carrying capacity.
  • The achievement/trophy for picking up all 100 steel ingots will not unlock until all of them have been given to Everett.
  • Where there are deposits of ingots there are splashes of black and red paint nearby.
  • Breaking the lock to the room containing the ingots will effectively fail this quest without the Infiltrator perk.


Xbox 360Xbox 360 Xbox OneXbox One One may fall through the roof when trying to reach the ingots from #23.[verified]

  • A quick fix to this is to save, exit to the main menu, and continue.
  • Alternatively, go back to the abandoned area, and go back into the Steelyard.
  • This can be avoided by saving the game just before the roof section where the fall occurs and go to the dashboard. Reload the game and reload the save and it will be possible to walk past.
  • Another way to solve this is to remove Point Lookout from the hard drive and reloading the save. Also, by "firing" or using an auto axe or similar unique weapon (The Mauler or Man Opener) while walking along the rooftop will fix the glitch.
  • This glitch can be avoided by walking around in either direction along the narrow rim that is just out from the edge of the large silo to the left upon reaching the top of the stairs. The ground around the four silos is not insta-kill territory, so if one jumps from the rim to the broken fence, or just go around on the roof the back way, there should be no issue.
  • This issue still exists on the Xbox Live marketplace if the game and its add-ons were all purchased separately.