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Later this year, the Brotherhood of Steel returns to Appalachia in search of new technology. The continuation of the story arc started in Steel Dawn will introduce new NPCs, quests, and companions to the West Virginia Wasteland.fallout.bethesda.net

Steel Dawn is the sixth major update for Fallout 76. It features the return of the Brotherhood of Steel to Appalachia, and is the first chapter in a two-part Brotherhood storyline.[1] It was released on November 24, 2020, on all platforms. It was preceded by One Wasteland For All and was followed by Locked & Loaded. Steel Dawn's direct sequel update, Steel Reign, was released on July 7, 2021.


The Brotherhood of Steel's First Expeditionary Force, led by Paladin Leila Rahmani, finally arrives in Appalachia after just over three months trekking across the country on foot. Sent by High Elder Roger Maxson, the First Expeditionary Force seeks to re-establish the Brotherhood's presence in Appalachia, and to provide assistance to the people living there. As the Vault Dwellers assist or deter the Brotherhood in their goals, the realities of the returning faction, and how it will interact with others, will become much more apparent.


Plans were first made for Steel Dawn's story in 2019, and the story went through several iterations. As part of their "writers' room" set-up for creating stories, the design team at Bethesda Game Studios Austin wrote many intricate backstories and attributes to be reflected by the characters in Steel Dawn.[2]


The soundtrack for Steel Dawn was composed by Inon Zur and was released for sale and streaming on February 4, 2021.



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Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
FO76 Steel Dawn Welcome to the Neighborhood Appalachia Pip-Boy radio broadcast 100 XP
50 caps
Random consumables
Random grenade
BS01_MQ00_Breadcrumb 005EAD3C
FO76 Steel Dawn Forging Trust Fort Atlas Knight Shin 1000 XP
100 caps
Plan: Brotherhood roundtable
BS01_MQ01_Trust 005C70CC
FO76 Steel Dawn Mother of Invention Fort Atlas Scribe Valdez 200 XP
70 caps
The Fact Finder
BS01_MQ02_Invention 005B79EB
FO76 Steel Dawn Field Testing Fort Atlas
Lewis & Sons Farming Supply
Orwell Orchards bomb shelter
Paladin Rahmani 500 XP
300 caps
Mind Over Matter
The Farmhand
BS01_MQ03_FieldTesting 005C70CD
FO76 Steel Dawn Disarming Discovery Fort Atlas
The Retreat
Dagger's Den
Paladin Rahmani 1000 XP
100 caps
Hellstorm missile launcher
Random aid items
BS01_MQ04_Arms 005CB547
FO76 Steel Dawn Property Rights Fort Atlas
Makeshift vault
The Crater war room
Paladin Rahmani 500 XP
300 caps
Random consumables
Random grenade
BS01_MQ05_Raiders 005D2AFF
FO76 Steel Dawn Supplying Demands Fort Atlas
Foundation supply room
East Mountain lookout
Kerwood Mine
Paladin Rahmani Six possible rewards,
dependent on choices during the quest.
BS01_MQ06_Settlers 005D1F89
FO76 Steel Dawn Over and Out Fort Atlas
Transmission station 1AT-U03
Enclave research facility
Paladin Rahmani 500 XP
300 caps
Random consumables
Random grenade
BS01_MQ07_Over 005DC4FE
FO76 Steel Dawn The Best Defense Fort Atlas Self 500 XP
300 caps
Random consumables
Random grenade
Plasma cutter
BS01_MQ08_Defense 005D951E


Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
Icon Fo4 side quest Home Expansion Shelters Claim Center Vault utility room Shelter
Vault power bank
SHELS01_OpenHouse 005C390B




Robots and computers[]




Miscellaneous items[]

Armor and clothing[]

Backpack flair



Plans and recipes[]


The following notes were added to the game as part of the Wastelanders update, however in Steel Dawn, picking up these notes unlocks crafting of the associated food item.


Name Weight Value Related quest Editor ID Form ID
Sound Knight Connors: Report 0 0 BS01_Holotape_Connors 005E57F6
Sound Weapon demonstration 0 0 BS01_MQ06_Settlers_WeaponDemoTape 005DB4F6


Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text Brewmaster grocery list BS009_Treehouse_Village_Brewing_Grocery_List 005C4E4B
Text Brotherhood note BS007_BoSNote01 005B4CD8
Text Decontamination note BS01_MQ07_Over_LobbyNote01 005E4817
Text Disgusting creatures BS005_RaiderNote01 005B7369
Text Dyving soot BS01_MQ06_Settlers_DiveSuitNote 005D99B0
Text Feeding chute note BS01_MQ07_Over_ChuteNote01 005E7028
Text Glue sniffers BS01_MQ07_Over_LivingQuartersNote02 005E481C
Text Got that thing you wanted BS01_MQ06_Settlers_TadNote 005ECBD9
Text Lab journal BS01_MQ07_Over_LabJournalNote01 005E4818
Text List of essentials Cut content BS009_Treehouse_Sara_Matthews 005C91CA
Text Lost data BS01_MQ07_Over_LostDataNote01 005E481D
Text Lucky Hits! BS011_LotteryTicket_Note 005C767E
Text Mirelurk den BS006_RaiderNote01 005B7368
Text Mirelurk Medley BS006_RaiderNote02 005B736B
Text Mole miners BS01_MQ07_Over_MoleMinerNote01 005E481A
Text My fault BS01_MQ07_Over_LivingQuartersNote01 005E481B
Text One last trip BS007_WorkersNote02 005B4CBA
Text Passwords SHELS01_ReubenDiary 005C5D7E
Text Scout letter BS01_MQ07_Over_ScoutNote01 005E481E
Text Shelter-building supplies SHELS01_BuildingSupplies 005C5D7F
Text Snallygaster BS01_MQ07_Over_SnallygasterNote01 005E4819
Text Terminals aren't safe BS01_MQ07_Over_LabNote01 005E8B46
Text That smell BS005_RaiderNote02 005B736A
Text The Dagger dilemma BS009_Treehouse_Dagger_Dilemma 005C4E4A
Text Trapped BS011_Trapped_Note 005C767D
Text Unessential BS007_WorkersNote01 005B4CB9
Text Upcoming shipments BS01_MQ06_Settlers_GloriaNote 005ECBD8
Text Urgent request BS01_MQ07_Over_RadioTowerNote 005E8049
Text Valdez's letter of recommendation BS01_MQ02_Invention_RecLetter_Bad

Keys and passwords[]

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Img Name
(Editor ID)
Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Form ID
Quantum key BOS weapons key
Kerwood Mine steamer trunk Supplying Demands 005D99B4
Quantum key Dagger's key
Dagger's throne room wooden crate Disarming Discovery 005CB58B
Generic keycard Holding cell keycard
Enclave research facility ID card reader Female Enclave corpse in the deathclaw room Over and Out 005E4887
Quantum key Kerwood back tunnel key
Kerwood Mine security gates Blue file cabinet in the underwater section of the mine Supplying Demands 005D99B3
Quantum key Reuben's safe key
Mr. Gill's safe On Reuben Gill's remains Home Expansion 005DB37B
Holotape Scribe Valdez's terminal password
Scribe Valdez's terminal Mother of Invention
Property Rights
Holotape Seecrut passwurd "12345"
Terminal In Mike's bag Supplying Demands 005DB4EE
Quantum key Throne room key
Dagger's Den throne room door On Dagger Disarming Discovery 005CB58C
Quantum key Walton footlocker key
Enclave research facility private footlocker Enclave corpse Over and Out 005E7029

Paint schemes[]

Power armor
Weapon skins

World objects[]

C.A.M.P. objects


Set to be released on December 1, 2020, the Steel Dawn patch was released early in error to Xbox players on November 24. The update was subsequently released early for all platforms.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Initially, Steel Dawn and Steel Reign were a single DLC. Due to the belief that a single DLC was not enough, the DLC was split into Steel Dawn and Steel Reign. Steel Dawn was to be followed by Fractured Steel. However, in September 2020, it was decided that the Fractured Steel story and quests would instead be merged into Steel Dawn to give players a more complete story and experience. Three parts were discussed at one point, but was limited to two parts.[8]




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Steel Dawn