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The steamer trunk is a settlement object and container in Fallout 4.


Steamer trunk variants are green, blue and brown. The vaults in the Commonwealth each have a blue variant, which distinguishes itself by the vault number on the lid. Containers that can be looted for caps, ammo, armor and weapons.


Steamer trunks are located under Furniture → Containers in the workshop.

Steel (4)
Steamer trunk (1)


  • Far Harbor (add-on) Victoria's trunk - On a beached boat just southwest of Southwest Harbor.
  • Nuka-World (add-on) Gang's tribute chest - Park Population Handler, some time after a section of Nuka-World is cleared out, this miscellaneous quest will start. Whichever raider gang took over that part of the park will leave this trunk as a reward.


Steamer trunks[]

Closest map marker Quantity Description
Back Street Apparel 1 In a room with an armor workbench on the ground floor.
BADTFL regional office 1 In the flooded basement of the nearby unmarked Cambridge construction site.
Big John's Salvage 1 In the trailer at the top of the shipping crate fort.
Breakheart Banks 1 On the second floor of the shack.
College Square 1 In a shack on the roof of the building nearest to the dilapidated billboard at the north entrance to the square.
Concord 1 On the upper floor of Concord Speakeasy.
Diamond City 1 Inside the Home Plate.
Dunwich Borers 1 At the bottom of the pit below terminal #3.
Easy City Downs 1 Next to the audio mixing console on the second floor of the clubhouse.
Fairline Hill Estates 1 In the booby-trapped house.
Four Leaf fishpacking plant 1 Across from the toilets in the basement southwest corner.
Gwinnett Brewery 1 In an office on the northwest wall, on the higher catwalk level inside the building.
Jamaica Plain 1 Next to some consoles on the top floor of the town hall.
Kendall Hospital 1 On the second story of the house with the torn cloth banners at the unmarked Cambridge raider base.
Longneck Lukowski's Cannery 1 In the north office room overlooking the cannery floor.
Lynn Woods 1 In the shack closest to the tower.
Mass Pike Interchange 1 In the commander's shack.
Nahant Oceanological Society 1 On the upper floor.
Natick Banks 1 Teetering on a ledge on the second floor of the coffee shop.
Quincy Quarries 1 Near the megaloader in the quarry lake.
Quincy ruins 1 Between two truck trailers on the top level of the freeway overpass.
Red Rocket truck stop 1 In a dug-up grave just south of the Concord water tower.
Revere Beach station 1 Near the windows on the third floor of the arcade.
Revere satellite array 1 In the dish of the satellite closest to the partially submerged rowboat.
Roadside Pines Motel 1 Next to a desk in the accessible guest room.
Skylanes Flight 1981 1 In the upper stowage area of the fuselage, closest to the cockpit.
South Boston military checkpoint 1 Inside the building.
Suffolk County Charter School 1 Next to a skeleton and shovel leaning on an outcropping to the NNW.
Thicket Excavations 1 In a wooden shack north of the mirelurk breeding pens at the bottom of the quarry.
Trinity Plaza 1 In the choir at Trinity Church.
Trinity Tower 1 In a kitchen on the top floor of a raider-occupied apartment in the second building to the east of the tower.
Warwick homestead 1 Inside the small building north of the garden.
Wilson Atomatoys factory 1 Next to a broken bookshelf on the second floor of the factory.
Wreck of the FMS Northern Star 1 Inside the shack at the ship's bow.

Vault trunks[]

  • Inside Vault 81, several Vault 81 trunks can be found.
  • At the Cambridge construction site, several Vault 81 trunks can be found.
  • Vault-Tec Workshop Inside Vault 88, several Vault 88 trunks can be found.

Nuka-Cola trunk[]


The pack brahmins accompanying roaming traders carry a steamer trunk on their back.


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