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A steam truck is a vehicle mentioned only in Fallout.


Steam trucks were used by super mutants in the Master's Army during the invasion of Necropolis. They are the only working vehicles mentioned throughout the game, barring brahmin-pulled caravans. A ghoul survivor of the slaughter of Necropolis tells the Vault Dweller that the super mutants invaded with steam trucks.[1]


Steam trucks are mentioned only in Fallout.

Behind the scenes

  • In the Fallout Bible 8, developer Chris Avellone stated that steam trucks were planned for the original Fallout but were only mentioned in passing for "art reasons and gameplay reasons."[2]
  • In the Fallout Bible 6, Avellone mentions the steam truck found in the bowels of the F1 data archive could still be "lumbering around somewhere."[3]
  • In the Fallout Bible 6, it is mentioned that it is possible that a steam truck is one of the possibilities for how Master was transported from the military base to the Los Angeles Vault.[4]


  1. GHREFUGE.MSG:"The super mutants attacked. We were slaughtered. They had guns and bombs, even some steam trucks. They killed my friends. The mutants just butchered us."
  2. Fallout Bible 8: "For some reason I liked your mention of the steam trucks from F1. They've puzzled me a bit since that was the only mention of vehicle technology anywhere in F1 as far as I know, and it was odd that a bigger deal wasn't made of the fact that the super mutant army actually had them. You'd only ever hear about them if you found that ghoul refugee behind the bookcase." "It may have been embarrassing for them to mention it. It may have been a very ugly-looking vehicle. They probably didn't make a big deal of it for art reasons and gameplay reasons."
  3. Fallout Bible 6: "It's possible that mysterious old steam-truck mentioned in the bowels of the F1 data archive is still lumbering around somewhere. The caravan houses of the Hub, in particular, around the time in Fallout 2, have been looking to further its trade influence, and new vehicles (and types of transport, such as trains, boats, or barges) have been eagerly sought after for carrying large amounts of trade goods vast distances."
  4. Fallout Bible 6: "How did that guy from New Reno Arms get vault-tec speech module? And how did that friend of Vic ( from vault city ) get the "vault13 flasks" ( I don't remeber that it was explained in FO2 )? Oh, and why Enclave didn't do anything about master after he took vault-tec demonstration vault? BTW. How did master move, he's just a big peace of crap!" "I have no idea how the Master was moved. It was probably either by a large (steam) truck or caravan, but I don't have any specific information on how he was moved. I doubt a caravan could do it unless Grey was much smaller and, uh, less "spread out" than he was at the end of Fallout 1, which is entirely possible, but he sounded pretty fucking mutated in his audio diary in the Military Base. Maybe they poured him into in a toxic waste barrel and transported him that way. I haven't found an explanation in F1 anywhere – so if anyone finds one before I post an answer, let me know."