The stealth blade is a weapon mod for the combat knife in Fallout 4. It requires at least rank 2 of the Blacksmith perk to craft.


The stealth blade makes targets bleed after striking them, increases damage dealt with sneak attacks and provides exceptional damage. This, alongside perks such as Ninja, can cause the stealth blade to have a huge sneak attack multiplier, meaning that, alongside the increased damage and bleed effect from the stealth blade, it can become an incredibly strong end-game weapon, particularly in the case of Pickman's Blade.


Oil (4)
Stealth blade (1)


  • Pickman's Blade, a unique combat knife, comes pre-modified with the stealth blade modification.
  • With rank two of Blacksmith, as well as the correct materials, a combat knife can be modified with the stealth blade modification at a weapons workbench.
  • Vendors sell combat knives equipped with the stealth blade occasionally at higher levels.

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