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The latest software patch for the Stealth Suit Mk II.

V1.1: Damping Sensors (+10 Sneak) V1.2: Aural Subnet (+1 PER) V1.3: Synced Fitment (+1 AGL)

V1.4: Impulse Accelerator (Increased sneak speed)
Fallout: New Vegas description

Stealth Suit MkII is a special perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


Complete the last optional challenge of Project X-13 and receive the last firmware update for the stealth suit Mk II.


  • Rank 4: Increased sneak speed


  • This perk is only active when the Stealth suit Mk II is being worn. So if the Stealth suit Mk II is unequipped, the perk is also turned off.
  • This is the only firmware update that's done by perk, all other firmware updates are done by object effects.