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The RobCo Stealth Boy 3001 is a personal stealth device worn on one's wrist in Fallout 3.


It generates a modulating field that transmits the reflected light from one side of an object to the other.[1] The end result makes the wearer almost invisible to the untrained eye.[2]


All random-loot safes and ammunition boxes will have a chance of containing a Stealth Boy. Fixed locations include:

Closest map marker Quantity Description
Abandoned car fort 1 Near the copy of D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine. If the corpse is present, one may need to move it to reveal the Stealth Boy.
AntAgonizer's lair 1 Canterbury Tunnels toward AntAgonizer's Lair, on a shelf near a mined hallway.
Arlington Library 3 One, on a table in area overlooking the lobby. One in an ammunition box to the right of the entrance. There is also one in a safe, in the media archives area.
Arlington Library 1 In the Talon Company camp south of Arlington Library, on the top of a round table on the highest level.
Bethesda ruins 2 Two in the Bethesda Ruins West, one on the lower floor in a crate next to the water fountain, and another upstairs on the table.
Bethesda underworks 1 In a skeleton's hand in the central storage room.
Broadcast tower LP8 1 Inside the sewer chamber behind the broadcast tower.
Canterbury Commons 3-7 Up to seven (level dependent) are given when a total of 700 caps (or 350 with the Master Trader perk) are invested in Crazy Wolfgang's caravan at Canterbury Commons. One must speak to Crazy Wolfgang to receive the Stealth Boys.
Chryslus Building 2 On top of a table, next to a telephone, in one of the rooms without a ceiling in the lower offices. The other one is on top of the large safe in the basement.
Dupont Circle 1 In the middle of the three abandoned houses guarded by raiders. The Stealth Boy is on the floor next to the shelf case.
Farragut West Metro station 1 In an office.
Fort Constantine 2 One in CO quarters' basement, on top of a Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual, another in the launch control bunker, on a desk in the living quarters, next to a radio and a pre-War book.
Franklin Metro utility 5 Accessed through Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro.
Georgetown 1 Northeast of the DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac, upstairs of a building housing super mutants.
Georgetown East 1 La Maison Beauregard at Georgetown East, upstairs on the pool table.
Grayditch 1 In the outpost in Grayditch.
Greener Pastures Disposal Site 1 In the back end of a truck in the southwest near a dead scientist.
Hamilton's hideaway 1 Its found on the shelf in the weapons cache.
Hubris Comics 1 In the Hubris comics utility tunnel, located on the floor by the northern wall of the northern room, along with the body of its previous user. At the four-way intersection, turn north, then east to reach the room.
Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal 1 In the northern shack of the Wasteland gypsy village buildings.
Mason Dixon Salvage 1 Can be found in a locker in the southern shack.
MDPL-05 power station 1 Directly east of the MDPL-05 Power Station floating inside a boat by a dock with raiders.
Megaton 1 Inside the Megaton armory.
Megaton 1 Almost directly south of Megaton, in a hollowed-out boulder among the rocks bordering the town, along with a .308 sniper rifle.
Minefield 1 Outside the Gibson house.
Museum of History 1 In Ahzrukhal's safe in The Ninth Circle in Underworld.
Museum of Technology 3 On the displays. One in the atrium, two more on the upper level.
National Archives 1 In the sub-basement in the generator room behind a Very Hard locked gate.
Rivet City bow 3 In Pinkerton's workshop, there are two on the table and one in a wooden box underneath miscellaneous parts.
Rockbreaker's Last Gas 1 Inside the sniper shack on the top portion of the locker closet to the door.
RobCo facility 4 Found in the offices and cafeteria. One on a desk in an office cubicle in the room at the back where the D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine is found, one in the mainframe room, one on a bookshelf in the room where Nikola Tesla and You is found, and one found in a cubicle left of the entrance in the northwesternmost room of the factory floor.
Super-Duper Mart 1 In the northeast corner of the Super-Duper Mart, behind the counter.
Tenpenny Tower 1 In the suite's safe.
Tepid sewers 1 When first entering the subway. Behind the raiders, through a corridor, in the main room. The Stealth Boy will be within the floor safe between two beds.
VAPL-58 power station 1 Inside the VAPL-58 power station on one of the control panels in back.
VAPL-84 power station 1 In the VAPL-84 Power Station.
Vault 92 1 In the overseer's office, sitting in the center of the desk.
Vault 101 1 During the Trouble on the Homefront quest, on the body of Steve Armstrong, found in Vault 101's entrance.
Vault 108 1 In Vault 108's entrance hall on a table next to a broken computer.


Screenshot of a barely visible character sneaking with a Stealth Boy on in Fallout 3

  • The clear, see-through texture produced by stealth armor is slightly different than that of a Stealth Boy, and can be compared by hot-keying a Stealth Boy, and activating it while sneaking.
  • The effect lasts for one in-game hour or 2 real-time minutes. If using an additional Stealth Boy when a previous one is still active, the duration of the stealth effect does not replenish - it "stacks", so the effect will last two in-game hours.
  • Before patch 1.5, it was possible to use the "set timescale to [multiplier]" console command on the PC to extend the Stealth Boy's duration to the desired time. Afterward, it lasts 2 real-time minutes regardless of the timescale.
  • The use of the Stealth Boy while in combat with non-hostile non-player characters and then crouching can stop combat. The non-player characters usually revert to being friendly.
  • The geomapper module has the same in-game appearance as the Stealth Boy.
  • All three Stealth Boys found in the Museum of Technology are larger than the regular ones.


  • PCPC There is a glitch wherein activating a Stealth Boy causes the hair mesh of a character not wearing any headgear to appear on the Pip-Boy, or in random other locations near the character, while in 3rd-person view. This does not affect whether enemies will detect you. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 There is a glitch where activating a Stealth Boy and then traveling to D.C. ruins on the Duchess Gambit, the effect will still be active as long as 1 in-game hour. [verified]
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 Occasionally, if you use a Stealth Boy and then open a save previous to using it and put it in any container (even owned ones), then walk out of the building, it disappears. [verified]


  1. Fallout item description: "{5400}{}{Stealth Boy}"
    "{5401}{}{A RobCo Stealth Boy 3001 personal stealth device. Generates a modulating field that transmits the reflected light from one side of an object to the other.}"
  2. Museum of Technology placard: "This is the RobCo "Stealth Boy" Model 3001 Personal Stealth Device. Developed by Robert Mayflower, the Stealth Boy generates a modulating field that transmits the reflected light from one side of an object to the other making the bearer almost invisible to the untrained eye."

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