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This is an overview article, listing content appearing across multiple games.

A Stealth Boy is a personal stealth device.


RobCo Stealth Boy 3001

Stealth Boy.png

Gameplay articles: Fallout, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas

Invented by Robert Mayflower and produced by RobCo Industries, the wrist-mounted 3001 variant generates a modulating field that transmits reflected light from one side of an object to another.[1][2] The end result makes the wearer almost invisible to the untrained eye.[1][3][Non-canon 1]

Stealth Boy Mark II prototype

Stealth Boy.png

Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

After the war, Doc Henry conducts research on the effects of the device, stating that although the prototype's purpose was to use less power.[4] Unintended negative effects of the device's modulating field include permanent neurochemical changes, such as schizophrenia, especially among Nightkin.[5][6][7][8] A chewed variant can be found in the Mojave's Charleston Cave.

Stealth Boy

Fallout4 Stealth Boy.png

Existing as far back as 2075, Stealth Boys were developed by reverse engineering Chinese stealth armor.[9] The personal device generates a modulating refraction field, rendering the wearer invisible for a short period of time.[10]

Railroad Stealth Boy

Fallout4 Stealth Boy.png
Gameplay article: Fallout 4

The secretive organization the Railroad gained access to a more powerful variant of the normal Stealth Boy. Their resident engineer Tinker Tom sells the devices to trusted agents.

Stealth Boy Mark III

Stealth Boy Mark III.png
Gameplay article: Fallout 76

Developed by Enclave scientists in Appalachia with the help of Chinese schematics and MODUS,[11] the Stealth Boy Mark III was an attempt to improve the Stealth Boy. While not wrist-mounted, the power consumption rate was drastically lowered from the Mark II Stealth Boys allowing for longer duration.[11]

Phantom Device

Phantom device.png
Gameplay article: Fallout 76

A satchel model Stealth Boy modified by the Order of Mysteries with a cloud of HalluciGen gas that cloaks the user, frenzying nearby enemies.[12]


The device is also mentioned in the rulebook for Fallout: The Roleplaying Game.[Non-canon 2]

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