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If you want to prove you belong in the Skulz, I want you to steal that old bastard's wife's ashes. Heh. Let's make Neal suffer for his last couple of hours...Vinnie

Steal Neal's Urn is an unmarked quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Steal Neal's Urn
Witness a fight at the Skum Pitt.
Ask Vinnie about joining the Skulz.
Steal Neal's urn without being noticed.
Reward: 400 XP
-1 Reputation
Kill Vinnie and give Neal his urn back. (optional)
Reward: +2 Reputation

Detailed walkthrough

To start the quest, the Vault Dweller should head over to the Crash House, thereafter witnessing the death of a Skulz ganger in the Skum Pitt. Head to the back room and talk to Vinnie. When the Vault Dweller asks to join the Skulz, Vinnie will send them on an errand to steal the urn holding the ashes of Harriet, Neal's wife.

The Vault Dweller should then go back to the Skum Pitt after it closes (the bar opens at 16:00, so any time prior to this works), enter through the unlocked side door, take the urn (which is on the bar table) and return to Vinnie. Giving him the urn earns XP and negative Reputation.

If the Vault Dweller decides to take the Bust the Skulz gang quest, they can take the urn back from Vinnie and give it back to Neal. Neal will be so grateful that he will promise that the Vault Dweller will never have to pay for a drink in the Skum Pitt ever again and give +2 Reputation.


After returning urn to Neal:

  • +2 Reputation
  • Free drinks in the Skum Pitt.


  • If the Vault Dweller is caught stealing the urn during business hours, non-player characters (including the likes of Tycho and Ismarc) will turn hostile.
  • The Vault Dweller can steal the urn and return it to Neal on the spot without having ever triggered the Bust the Skulz gang quest.