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The Statesman Hotel is a twelve-story building in Vernon Square in the ruins of Washington, D.C. To reach the majority of this building, one must go through Our Lady of Hope Hospital and cross the fallen radio mast. The building is infested with super mutants and centaurs, but is a good source of ammunition and explosives.

Reilly's Rangers (except for Reilly) can be found stranded on the rooftop, pinned down by super mutants.


The Statesman Hotel served pre-War upper-class clientele based upon terminal entries written by the concierge, along with entries from the nurse's terminals in Our Lady of Hope Hospital. The Statesman Hotel serves a role in the Reilly's Rangers quest, as well as having ties to Stealing Independence and Agatha's Song. The hotel has two entrances; one on street level, and one accessed from the nearby hospital. Meanwhile, the hotel is divided into four sections: the ground floor, mid-level, restaurant, and roof.

Notable loot

Loot is listed from the first floor to the roof.

Bottom floor

Mid level

  • Theo's ammunition box, in the first (southwest) stairwell that is reached upon entering the Statesman from the fallen tower bridge. It is part of the Reilly's Rangers quest. The image on the right shows that the ammo box is on the right stairwell when it is actually on the left stairwell.
  • A note from Little Moonbeam's father—one way to get Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG from Sydney after completing Stealing Independence. The note is under a skeleton lying on a white single bed. The bed, opposite a queen-sized bed, is in a suite on the 3rd floor (the second new floor reached after finding Theo), near the center of the map, one section south of the elevator to the hotel restaurant.
  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual on the top floor of the middle level (one floor higher than the elevator to the restaurant). It is in a small room off the hallway that leads to the stairs to the upper level. As one is headed to the stairs, the room is on the right (interior side). The room will have plungers on the floor in the corner and a bookshelf in front with a row of desk lamps. In the bookshelf, lower left corner next to some Abraxo cleaner boxes. Not to be confused with the locked janitor closet on the same floor.



Related quests


  • During the Reilly's Rangers quest, it is possible for the player character to be temporarily trapped in this building if the fission battery used for repairing the roof's elevator is lost. If this occurs, the player will need to backtrack to the entrance to the hotel with the fallen antenna, and fast-travel to escape. The hotel roof is a separate area and not considered "outside" for the purposes of fast-travel. In order to fast travel away, stand on the toilet located in the room one initially dropped down into. Using third person view, move the cursor along the area where the roof and wall meet to find the prompt "Open Vernon Square".
  • During the Reilly's Rangers quest, one may have to be careful with followers when attempting to rescue the Rangers on the top level. Followers will almost always detect the super mutants on the elevator platform area, but due to not having a clear shot from the level outside the platform, they will attempt to throw grenades over the wall if they are equipped. The grenades will usually deal a slight bit of damage accidentally to one of the Rangers, which will render them hostile and fail the quest.
  • Just outside the entrance of the hotel is a crashed Delta IX rocket. This missile seems to be pumping out a disagreeable amount of radiation (up to 30-40 rads/second), and also appears to have drawn several super mutants into the exposed sewer at the base of its crater. Inside the sewers, a D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine, scoped .44 Magnum in decent condition, Stealth Boy and a small supply of ammunition and chemicals can be found. The radiation in these tunnels can be lethal without a rad-suit (one can be found in the personal protection shelter) or a supply of Rad-X/RadAway.
  • There is a box of ammunition in the hotel's stairwell next to a deceased member of Reilly's Rangers (Theo). The box can only be unlocked using a code given by Reilly herself. Reilly can be found lying on a bed in Underworld's hospital, tended to by Doctor Barrows. One can either revive her with a high Medicine skill or ask Dr. Barrows to wake her up with a speech check to commence the Reilly's Rangers quest. Upon listening to her story and accepting the quest, Reilly will give out the code for the ammunition box.
  • If the hotel has been cleared before, an encounter on the bottom floor may include a super mutant overlord and 4-6 super mutant masters and super mutant brutes and on the roof there may be two super mutant overlords (if Broken Steel is installed).


The Statesman Hotel appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 After going to the hotel from the hospital, there will be rubble in the way when going down the hall. It is possible to get stuck just behind the rubble and you won't be able to move. This can also occur in one of the mid-level corridors where rubble blocks your way, and you can get stuck behind a fallen bookcase. Loading an auto-save should solve this problem.[verified]
    • You can also use grenades on the rubble. Sometimes, this will shift the pile enough for you to get out.
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 When you enter the Statesman Hotel, where you will come upon a room with a elevator, which leads to the roof and if you have any follower following you they will disappear and not return if you don't let them wait before using the elevator.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 After crossing from Our Lady of Hope Hospital, the player can become trapped within the building and cannot access the restaurant. Entering the restaurant will cause the game to freeze when loading and you will need to restart the console.[verified]
  • PCPC Upon entering the hotel normally on the ground level after going up the stairs to the right and to the express elevator, the two tables next to it will be floating in mid-air.[verified]
  • PCPC On the level with the Alfresco Lounge, if you choose not to pick the door, the super mutant that attacks you in the room with the collapsed floor/ceiling may appear to rise into the air and float there, attacking you as if the floor were still in place.[verified]
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sheet music book may not spawn.[verified]