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Starvation is a derived statistic in Fallout: New Vegas in Hardcore mode.


Starvation is measured as FOD under the Hit points (HP) bar. Starvation occurs if the Courier does not eat food after a long enough period of time. It accumulates slowly at all times, and primarily affects Strength, though Perception and Charisma also suffer at higher starvation levels. It takes five days for the Courier to starve without eating anything. Most types of food will reduce starvation by some amount, though certain foods are more effective than others.

Stages of starvation

Stages Value Effects
Minor Starvation 200-399 Strength -1
Advanced Starvation 400-599 Charisma -1, Strength -2
Critical Starvation 600-799 Perception -1, Charisma -2, Strength -3
Deadly Starvation 800-999 Perception -2, Charisma -2, Strength -3
Fatal Starvation 1000 DEATH


  • There are no items or effects which directly increase the Courier's starvation level.
  • The Survival skill affects all food items, and increases the amount of starvation they reduce. A Courier with a high Survival skill will not have to carry as much food.
  • The amount of starvation a given consumable item will reduce may not correlate to the amount of health it provides. For example, iguana bits restore less than a package of Cram, although both items have the same weight, value, radiation, and health restoration properties.
  • The MREs found in Lonesome Road restore lots of starvation, up to 600 points to be precise, and are plentiful in the DLC.

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