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Gametitle-FO4 NW

Starlight Interstellar Theater terminal entries are entries found on one terminal within the Starlight Interstellar Theater in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Projection booth terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Starlight Interstellar Theater - Projection Booth

Theater Program ScheduleEdit


October 2077
Halloween's coming up, and that means it's Sci-Fi Horror Madness Month in the theater. Make sure the following holos are loaded and ready for the first showing in October:

Week One: The Beast With A Trillion Eyes, Death Comes Singing, The Chartreuse Slime: The Slimening, Yikes! There's Blood Everywhere

Week Two: Nuka-Monster, Atom Bum, The Chartreuse Slime 2: Slime To Die, Graaaaaaagh!: The Sequel

Week Three: Insects Ate My Baby, My Husband The Mutant, The Chartreuse Slime 3: Slime Doesn't Pay, Night Of The Fish Man's Revenge

Week Four: Nuka-Valley Massacre, The Bomb Strikes At Midnight, The Chartreuse Slime 4: War Slimes, Armageddon-O-Rama

Memo From Management #92Edit


I want all of you lazy jerks to get off your butts and clean the theater after each and every showing. I came into the theater this morning, and several of the rocket pods were filled with trash, empty Nuka-Cola bottles, and who knows what else. Nuka-World doesn't pay you clowns to watch movies all day, they pay you to work.

Memo From Management #97Edit


If any of you notice the Startender breaking glasses again, please let management know. We've spent thousands of dollars on glassware in the last few months, ever since the geniuses running the park decided to have a robot with no hands mixing drinks. I'd also recommend not getting it angry. Whether you trust this whole 'Star Control' system or not, its A.I. is still acting a bit aggressive, and we don't want any more accidents.

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