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Star Control is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Quick walkthrough

Nuka-World main quest: Star Control
Travel to the Galactic Zone.
Investigate the battle site.
Find and read Tiana's Log.
Locate Star Control.
Investigate the mainframe.
Find a Star core.
Install the Star core in the mainframe.
Reboot the mainframe.
Find 20 Star cores.
Destroy all of the robots and defenses across the Galactic Zone.
Repair the mainframe.
Use the mainframe to secure the zone.
Assign a gang to the Galactic Zone by hoisting their flag.
Reward: 400+ XP
All nuka-world robot mods unlocked
(Optional) Recover 35 cores and install them in the mainframe.
Reward: Quantum X-01 power armor

Detailed walkthrough

Upon approaching the Galactic Zone, the player character will notice a large amount of corpses and destroyed robots lying around outside the entrance. One of the bodies is that of Tiana Alston, who has a holotape on her. Read the tape to prompt the finding of the Star Control mainframe, located at Starport Nuka near the center of the zone.

Once through its glass door, (past the display case with the Quantum X-01 power armor) the back wall has the mainframe. It requires a star core to boot up, which can be found in the hand of the nearby corpse of Kendell Alston. Affix the core to one of the many empty panels surrounding the mainframe to activate it. From here one will be required to locate the remainder of the star cores. There are 35 in total, including the one Kendall was holding. For the cores in the Galactic Zone, having three tiers in the Locksmith perk will help, but keys can be easily found.

After every five installed cores, the player character has the option to disable a certain type of robots, making exploration of the Galactic Zone and searching for more cores easier. With at least 20 cores installed the rogue robots can be taken off defense mode. With all 35 cores installed the player character can unlock the display case containing the Quantum X-01 power armor.

To finish the quest the player character must assign one of the three raider gangs to the Galactic Zone. To do so the player character must raise the flag of the chosen gang on the second floor of the Starport Nuka.

Star core locations

There are 35 star cores in total.

  • Six can be found at Vault-Tec: Among the Stars.
    • One in the Arcturus Prime display area guarded by protectrons, behind a locked door.
    • One in the living room, behind a locked door.
    • One in a highly irradiated room accessible through the living room.
    • Three in the observation center adjacent to the main office, behind a master-locked door.
  • Six can be found at RobCo Battlezone.
    • Two in the control room overlooking the arena. Behind the locked door in the seating area to the left of the entrance.
    • One in the souvenir shop underneath the seats, on a shelf.
    • One in the tunnels underneath the arena, on a console, guarded by a sentry bot.
    • Two in the arena. Trying to leave the area will release three waves of combat robots.
  • Four can be found at Starlight Interstellar Theater.
    • One in the men's restrooms directly left of the entrance, next to a body inside of a damaged wall section.
    • One through the kitchen to the right of the entrance, outside the backdoor.
    • One in the theater proper, on a console opposite the screen.
    • One in the control room on the upper level.
  • Seven can be found at Nuka-Galaxy.
    • One in the boarding area, behind a door on the right side a short distance down the tracks.
    • From the last room, follow the tracks to a large room with many large planets. On the opposite side are some stairs leading down. The door across this room leads into a corridor, halfway through which another core can be picked up from a console.
    • Down that corridor, and take the elevator to the left. Once in the basement, enter the next room through the opening left of the elevator and pick up the core from the console straight ahead.
    • Past the rocky environment, climb the long set of stairs behind the hidden door. Once back on the ride track, the core can be found on a console up some stairs directly to the left.
    • One in a console at the end of the ride near the disembarkation zone (opposite the mannequin wearing the Nuka-Girl rocketsuit), together with a key.
    • One in the office on the upper floor, accessible through a door that can be opened with the aforementioned key.
    • One in the small control room with some destroyed protectrons near the office.
  • Four can be found in and around Starport Nuka.
    • One outside, next to the body of a trader near the dumpsters past the Employees Only gates behind the building, in the same area as SCAV! issue #1.
    • One on the first level, next to the body of a trader in front of the Star Control mainframe.
    • One on the second level, in an Advanced-locked display case. The key is on the desk next to the manager's terminal behind the Employees Only Novice-locked door nearby.
    • One on the top level. Only accessible once power has been restored to the park after completing Power Play or Open Season, or with power armor equipped with a jet pack.
  • Three can be found in other parts of the Galactic Zone.
    • One in ArcJet G-Force, at the top.
    • One in Splashdown, in the control booth just northeast of the Nuka-Galaxy entrance.
    • One in the Spacewalk, on a console at the bottom of the ramp just south of the RobCo Battlezone exit.
  • Five are scattered throughout the whole Nuka-World park.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
20 Investigate the battle siteJust outside the Galactic Zone, I found the remains of a battle between a group of traders and some robots. What happened here?
30 Read Tiana's LogJust outside the Galactic Zone, I found the remains of a battle between a group of traders and some robots. One of the traders was carrying a holotape that might explain what happened here.
35 Locate Star ControlJust outside the Galactic Zone, I found the remains of some traders that had tried to flee from the robots in the zone. A holotape on one of the bodies mentioned a mainframe called Star Control that may be related to the attack.
40 Investigate the MainframeIn the center of the Galactic Zone is a mainframe called Star Control. It might have more information about what happened to the robots here.
50 Find a Star CoreNuka-World's Galactic Zone was run by the Star Control mainframe. In order to restart it, I need to find a component it calls a Star Core.
60 Install the Star CoreNuka-World's Galactic Zone was run by the Star Control mainframe. In order to restart it, I need to install one of its missing Star Cores.
70 Reboot the MainframeNuka-World's Galactic Zone was run by the Star Control mainframe. I've installed a Star Core, so I should be able to restart it now.
80 Repair the MainframeNuka-World's Galactic Zone was run by the Star Control mainframe, but a group of traders stripped it of the Star Cores it needed to maintain order. To secure the zone, I need to locate <Global=DLC04GZ_StarCoresClearTotal> Cores, or destroy all of the robots and defenses.
81 (Optional) Clear the Galactic Zone
100 Find Star Cores in the Galactic Zone Grounds
101 (Optional) Clear the Galactic Zone Grounds
110 (Optional) Clear Nuka-Galaxy
111 Find Star Cores in the Starlight Interstellar Theater
120 (Optional) Clear Starlight Interstellar Theater
130 Find Star Cores in Vault-Tec: Among the Stars
131 (Optional) Clear Vault-Tec: Among the Stars
140 Find Star Cores in the RobCo Battlezone
141 (Optional) Clear the RobCo Battlezone
150 Find Star Cores outside the Galactic Zone
200 Use the Mainframe to Secure the ZoneNuka-World's Galactic Zone was run by the Star Control mainframe, but a group of traders stripped it of the Star Cores it needed to maintain order. I've found and replaced the Cores. Once I restart it, it should be able to secure the zone.
201 (Optional) Clear the Galactic Zone
1000 Assign a Gang to the Galactic Zone
1500Quest finishedQuest completeI secured the Galactic Zone and claimed it for one of my gangs.
1600Quest failedKicked out by the raiders.


Once the power has been restored to the Nuka-World power plant, the elevator above the mainframe will be powered up and the 35th star core will be available. Placing all the star cores in the mainframe will allow the Sole Survivor to use the mainframe terminal to open the display case and access the Quantum X-01 power armor.

Behind the scenes

The name Star Control is a reference to the 1990 space game series of the same name. Timothy Cain, one of the original creators of Fallout, considers Star Control II to be the best CRPG of all times and its "open endedness" to be an influence.[Non-canon 1]


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One The star core at the junkyard respawns after several in-game days. The terminal at Star Control will show -1 star cores outside the Galactic Zone when it has been picked up twice. This makes it possible to get the Quantum X-01 power armor before finishing the add-on questlines.[verified]
    • A respawn can also be forced: If the player clears the junkyard and collects the star core from it, and then starts the quest Trip to the Stars then the star core will be replaced.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One One star core may spawn in Abernathy farm, on the ground in the middle of the tato crops, very close to the place after a fast travel to that farm. It can be picked up and will be marked as a quest item.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 The elevator power may not activate after completing Open Season, preventing access to the Quantum power armor.[verified]
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 Tiana's log may not spawn on Tiana Alston, which results in the quest not starting. [verification overdue]