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People call me Stanwell. I run the caravan between Redding and the New California Republic. Brahmin for gold.— Stanwell

Stanwell is the head of the Redding-NCR caravan in 2241. He is found at the merchant camp in Redding and near Buster's Fine Emporium of Armament at the NCR capital.


A tall, muscular man in metal armor, Stanwell's gear looks worn but well maintained.[1] He is a veteran caravan driver in charge of the NCR-Redding circuit, ensuring that brahmin of the Republic reach Redding and are exchanged for gold.

Being a caravan leader, Stanwell is always looking for additional guards to protect the cargo (brahmin or gold). He is a tough, no-nonsense character who is nonetheless an amiable, responsible person to those who do their job. He expects the same from everyone else, in particular his caravan guards - he does not hesitate to tell them some harsh words if they fail to do their job during the caravan.

The same goes for people who bail on him or steal from others - he does not want to see them ever again.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.
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This character offers caravan jobs.
  • NCR-Redding, Brahmin, 2 000 $, 11th of odd months (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov)
  • Redding-NCR, Gold, 2000 $, 11th of even months (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec)


Golden Trail: On every 11th day of the month, the Chosen One can enlist with Stanwell for a caravan. He is either in the NCR Bazaar or the Redding mining camp. Either way, the Chosen One can go on the trail, for up to $2500 if he manages to save all the brahmin.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Metal armor (not lootable) Sledgehammer $18
Reserved item

* Stanwell has nothing in his inventory in NCR.


Stanwell appears only in Fallout 2.


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