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Exceptional sighted accuracy. Better recoil. Better melee damage.

Standard stock is a grip weapon mod in Fallout 4.


The standard stock is a simple stock extension for the Junk Jet and most of the modular weapons available. Attaching this mod converts the weapon into a rifle, and as such, its perks transfer from Gunslinger to Rifleman (if not fully automatic; Commando covers both pistols and rifles). Compared to the pistol grips, stocks offer better recoil control and are more accurate when aiming down the sights, at the cost of V.A.T.S. AP cost and increasing weight.


Adhesive (varies)
Plastic (varies)
Screw (varies)
Steel (varies)
Standard stock (1)
Weapon Gun Nut/Science! rank Ad Pl]] Sc St
Junk Jet 6 3 8 13
Pipe gun ? ? ? ? ?
Plasma gun 2 5 7 11

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