Stance is a character body position in Fallout Tactics.


There are three stances: standing, crouching and prone. The character gains some advantages and disadvantages depending on their stance. Some perks also affect the character in a certain stance.


FOT Stance Stand
FOT Stance Stand Char

Standing is the standard stance. A standing character is easier to hit with ranged weapons and more noisy, but has good sight and full movement speed.


FOT Stance Сrouch
FOT Stance Сrouch Char

In this stance, the character crouch-walks at a slower speed than walking. It increases the character's probability to hit with ranged weapons and reduces the character's probability to be hit by the same.


FOT Stance Prone
FOT Stance Prone Char

The prone stance offers the highest bonus to ranged weapon accuracy and the greatest reduction in enemy ranged hit chance. However, it is the slowest stance; the character is reduced to a crawl.

  • The "Tunnel Rat" perk allows crawling at walk speed.

Changing stanceEdit

It costs 2 AP to change to or from a crouch and 4 AP to change directly from standing to prone or vice versa.

  • The "Flexible" perk cuts the cost of changing stance by 50%.
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