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The concept of love can be confusing, especially when you're heartless.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre is an unused quest in the Fallout 76 add-on Wild Appalachia.


Started through the warning poster, which leads to meeting Valentine on a cliff in the Savage Divide, near the Bailey family cabin. Find the Heart shaped box, then craft the Firecracker nougat heart, Tarberry nougat heart, and Mutfruit nougat heart consumable candies.

Also requires finding one of wendigo heart, Grafton heart, mirelurk queen heart, mothman heart, Scorchbeast heart, or snallygaster heart.


Plan: Pretty floral bouquet, Plan: Expensive perfume and Recipe: Appalachampagne.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Search the hills by the Bailey Family Cabin
? Investigate the Slaughter
? Examine the Carcass (optional)
? Collect "Quality" Hearts (0/5)
? Collect Romantic Gifts (0/4)Rad Bouquet, Fine Perfume, Romantic Candy, Fancy Booze
? Present Val with Hearts
?Icon checkPresent Val with Romantic Tokens

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