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This is a transcript for dialogue with Squirrel.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Man, that sure was something. You're pretty brave, mungo! 1
Neutral 50 We can make it from here, no problem. But you watch your back. Those Slaver assholes aren't going to forget about you. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 We'll meet you outside, if you can make it! 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Man, what a mess! Don't get yourself killed, mungo! 4
Happy 100 I already shorted out the fence system so our collars won't blow. I bet they won't even notice. {grinning, pleased with himself} 5
Neutral 50 We're getting outta here! 6
GREETING Happy 50 Man, you've made a mess. Go get 'em, mungo! Get that key! {laughing} 7
GREETING Happy 50 Not bad, mungo. Not bad at all. 8
Neutral 50 I told you I had a good plan. It sure worked, didn't it? You ever need anything, you go see MacCready in Lamplight. He'll help you out. 9
Happy 50 Thanks, mungo. 10
GREETING Neutral 50 So you got us out of there, huh? 11
Neutral 50 Not so bad for a mungo, I guess. 12
Neutral 50 So, uhh. Thanks and stuff. We're gonna head home soon. 13
GREETING Neutral 50 So what's the deal, mungo? 14
GREETING Neutral 50 So what's the deal, mungo? 15
GREETING Neutral 50 I ain't supposed to say anything. Sammy says so. 16
GREETING Neutral 50 Nice going, mungo. Let's go before they change their minds. 17
GREETING Neutral 50 So you gonna take care of that guard, or what? 18
Neutral 50 My hands are tied here. It's not like I want to be working with a mungo like you, but I got no choice. Come on. 19
GREETING Fear 50 You're the mungo that's helping us, huh? 20
Neutral 50 Sammy says you want to know the plan. Well listen up, mungo, because it's a good one. I'm super smart. 21
GREETING Neutral 50 What's up, mungo? You fixed that terminal yet? 22
GREETING Neutral 50 Come on, mungo. You gonna fix that terminal, or what? 23
GREETING Neutral 50 You should come to Little Lamplight sometime, mungo. You're okay after all. 24
GREETING Happy 50 You're my hero, mister. I want to be just like you when I grow up. 25
GREETING Fear 25 Wow, am I glad to be back. If it weren't for you, I think we'd have died back there! 26
Happy 50 So, thanks for the help! If anyone asks me, you're an official kid! 27
GREETING Neutral 50 Wow, thanks for the help out there. If it weren't for you, I'd be a goner, for sure! 28
Neutral 50 Far as I'm concerned, you're welcome in here anytime! Of course, it isn't really up to me. 29
Neutral 50 So, what do you need? 30
GREETING Fear 25 Oh, hey! {A little nervous} 31
GREETING Fear 25 Is everything okay? {A little nervous} 32
GREETING Fear 25 Is something wrong? {A little nervous.} 33
LLNicknames Why are you called Squirrel? Happy 50 I like to think it's because of my inquisitive and charming nature, as well as my natural climbing ability. {Trying to sound important and cool.} 34
Sad 25 But Knock Knock says it's because I'm totally nuts. {Suddenly let down by telling the truth.} 35
Sad 50 Guess which one's probably right? {He knows it's the "totally nuts" one.} 36
MQ07CoastClearChoice1 Okay, the guard's out of the way. Now get moving! Neutral 50 Oh, don't worry. We're outta here. Me and Sammy can make it, no problem. The drain in the bathroom is small; we'll fit through, but mungos can't. 37
Neutral 50 But you gotta tell Penny it's time to go. She's being all dumb, and won't listen to us. You gotta talk to her. 38
MQ07CoastClearChoice2 I took care of the guard. Is it safe to leave? Neutral 50 Yep, me and Sammy can get out no problem. We're good at sneaking. They'll never spot us. 39
Neutral 50 We can just sneak through the drain in the bathrooms. It's just big enough for us. Way too small for you mungos. 40
Neutral 50 But Penny won't leave. She's being all stupid, and even though we told her it's the only chance to go, she says she's staying. 41
MQ07CoastClearChoice3 I did my part. You're on your own now. Neutral 50 Thanks, I guess. Me and Sammy should be able to make it out of here now. 42
Neutral 50 There's a drain in the bathrooms we can fit through. It's too small for mungos, so they never boarded it up. 43
Neutral 50 But Penny won't leave. I tried to get her to come with us, but she's being all stupid. 44
MQ07ExplainPenny1 What? Why won't she leave? Neutral 50 This mungo, Rory Maclaren. She got all sweet on him or something. I dunno, it's some stupid girl thing. 45
Neutral 50 But they threw him in the box 'cause he was giving them shit, and they won't let him out. 46
Neutral 50 So Penny says she ain't going until she knows he's safe. I told her she's stupid. 47
MQ07ExplainPenny2 What the hell is her problem? Neutral 50 Beats me. I don't get girls at ALL. 48
Neutral 50 She's all sweet on Rory Maclaren or something. Says she won't leave while he's still in the box. 49
MQ07ExplainPenny3 Maybe I can talk to her. Can you tell me what's going on? Neutral 50 She went all soft on Rory Maclaren. He's this guy that got captured. Not bad for a Mungo, but Penny really likes him. 50
Neutral 50 The guards threw him in the box last week for causing problems. He's still in there, and she won't leave until he's out. 51
Neutral 50 I say he's just another mungo, and ain't our problem. But Penny's being all stupid, like I said. 52
MQ07SquirrelGuardFortyDead Let's just say Forty won't be bothering you or anyone else again. Happy 50 Hey hey, look at Mr. Mungo! {impressed} 53
Neutral 50 Sure hope whatever you did doesn't piss off the rest of them. 54
Neutral 50 Okay, me and Sammy can sneak outta here. The drain in the bathroom is just big enough for us to sneak through. 55
Neutral 50 But Penny's being all dumb and won't leave. What's with girls, anyway? 56
MQ07SquirrelGuardHow How am I supposed to get rid of the guards? Neutral 50 Man, can't you think of anything on your own? 57
Neutral 50 Around midnight, there's only one guard. But it's that really mean guy, Forty. Still, probably your best chance to try something. 58
Neutral 50 Do what you gotta do, you know? Just get him away from his post. 59
MQ07SquirrelGuardNoLuckYet No luck yet. Neutral 50 Come on, mungo! How hard can it be? 60
MQ07SquirrelGuardNoWay Forget it. This is ridiculous. Neutral 50 This is bull, man. You gotta help us out. 61
Forget it. This is ridiculous. Neutral 50 What the shit? Come on, you already did half the work. Just a little more and we're outta here. Don't screw us over now. 62
MQ07SquirrelGuardOnIt Okay, I'm on it. Neutral 50 Okay. Don't do anything stupid. 63
Okay, I'm on it. Neutral 50 Okay. Don't do anything stupid. 64
MQ07SquirrelGuardPipeDown Pipe down, shorty. I'm going to take care of it. Neutral 50 What's the matter, mungo? Can't handle it? 65
Neutral 50 You're big enough to take care of it. Don't get all cranky with me over it. 66
MQ07SquirrelLeavePennySPEECH If she won't go, maybe it's time to leave her behind. You can't save everyone. Neutral 50 Yeah, maybe you're right. Me and Sammy can leave, at least. 67
Neutral 50 All right, we're outta here. See you on the outside, mungo. 68
MQ07SquirrelOneStepChoice1 Okay, great. What's next? Neutral 50 Well, with the terminal, I can turn off the collars and open the gate. But they're not gonna just let us walk out of here, you know? 69
Neutral 50 There's always at least one guard near the pen, and someone's gotta get rid of him. 70
Neutral 50 Since we can't just walk around like we own the place, you're gonna have to do it. You get me? 71
MQ07SquirrelOneStepChoice2 "One step"? What the hell, kid. Neutral 50 Hey mungo, I never said the terminal was the only thing we'd need to do. It's important, but it won't get us out that front gate. 72
Neutral 50 There's always at least one guard near the pen, and the terminal ain't gonna make the guard disappear. So you gotta do it. 73
MQ07SquirrelOneStepChoice3 I'm getting tired of this. Neutral 50 Hey, if you got any better ideas, you go right ahead and get to work. Me? This is the best I got. 74
Neutral 50 We got the terminal working, so I can turn off the collars, but we still gotta make it out of here. Past the guards. 75
Neutral 50 Unless you can get rid of the guard near the pen, we're going nowhere. So you gonna help, or you just gonna complain? 76
MQ07SquirrelPennyWhatNow So what do I do? Neutral 50 Hell, I dunno. Go talk to her. Try and get her to get out while she can. 77
Neutral 50 Me and Sammy are getting out of here now, though. If you can get her to come, meet us east of here after you're out. 78
MQ07SquirrelPennyWhatNow2 Why is this my problem? Neutral 50 Hey, you're the one that said you wanted to get us out of here. 79
Neutral 50 Go talk to her. See if you can get her to come with us. Me and Sammy are getting out of here right now. 80
Neutral 50 We'll wait east of Paradise Falls. Meet us there once Penny's out. 81
MQ07SquirrelPlanKeepGoing I'm with you so far. Keep going. Neutral 50 So I found this old terminal in the building here. Dusty, but it turns on with a little fixing. Like I said, I'm super smart. 82
Neutral 50 I know they use a terminal to turn the collars on and off. So if you can link the terminals, I can turn the collars off and they won't even know. 83
Neutral 50 Then we just gotta open the fence, sneak past the mungos with guns, and get the hell out of here. Sounds good, right? You in? 84
MQ07SquirrelPlanSkipToThePoint Skip to the point, short stuff. Neutral 50 Fine. But I'm telling you, it's good stuff. Really. 85
Neutral 50 We gotta turn the collars off, or else if we try to leave we'll get all chunkified. Don't want that. So we gotta use a terminal for it. 86
Neutral 50 I can use the terminal I fixed up in here, but I need it added to the network first. Main terminal is in the boss guy's room, so you gotta do that. 87
MQ07SquirrelPlanTellMeEverything Okay, tell me the whole plan. All of it. Neutral 50 Okay, cool. You'll like it, really. It's going to work, I know it. 88
Neutral 50 We're stuck behind this fence here. But even if we get past the fence, and the mungos with guns, we still can't leave. 89
Neutral 50 They got these collars on us, right? Make us blow up if we try and get out. No way to get the collars off, so we gotta stop them from blowing up. 90
MQ07SquirrelPlanWhatDoIDo I just need to know what to do right now. Disgust 10 Man, you're cranky. {annoyed} 91
Neutral 50 Fine, here's what you do. You go on into the boss guy's room, and use his terminal. Get the one in here added to the network. 92
Neutral 50 Think you can handle that, mungo? 93
MQ07SquirrelTLNotGoodWithComputers I'm not that good with computers... Neutral 50 Oh, come on. Aren't you mungos good for anything? I'm a kid, and I can do it. Why can't you? {annoyed} 94
Neutral 50 Listen, if you can't make that work, then there might be one other way to do it, even for a stupid mungo like you. 95
Neutral 50 There's a junction box along the wall in the eating area. Switch a few cables there, and we're good. So there you go. 96
Neutral 50 Either you better be pretty good at fixing stuff, or you better learn how to use a terminal real fast. 97
MQ07SquirrelTLPlanAnotherWay Isn't there another way to get you out? Neutral 50 You're really dumb, aren't you? 98
Neutral 50 I just told you this is the plan. I don't got another way to do this. 99
MQ07SquirrelTLPlanNotDoingIt Your plan is crazy. I'm not doing it. Neutral 50 Great. Then that means we're still stuck in here, and you're an asshole. 100
MQ07SquirrelTLPlanOkay Okay, I'll see what I can do. Neutral 50 Gee, thanks. Don't work too hard, okay? {extremely sarcastic} 101
MQ07SquirrelTLTerminalWorking All done. The terminal should work for you now. Happy 50 All right! You're okay for a mungo, you know that? 102
Neutral 50 So we're one step closer to getting out of here. 103
MQ07SquirrelTLTerminalWorking2 Yeah, it's working. Am I done now? Neutral 50 Nope. Good job on the terminal, but we're only one step of the way there. 104
MQ07SquirrelTLTerminalWorking3 Maybe... Why don't you go for a jog and see if your head explodes. Neutral 50 Ha ha. Real funny, mungo. 105
Neutral 50 So I guess you fixed it huh? Well good. Means we're one step closer to getting out of here. 106
MQ07SquirrelTLWheresTheTerminal Where's the terminal I need to use? Neutral 50 I told you, it's in the boss guy's room. You gotta sneak in there or something. That's up to you to figure out, mungo. 107
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Neutral 50 Penny's one of us. She's gotta come too. 108


GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Don't screw up, okay? 109
Take care, Squirrel. Happy 10 I'll try! 110
I have to go now. Happy 10 Bye, then! 111
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Ha ha! We're outta that shitbox! 112
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey hey, mungo! We're getting' outta here, right? 113
HELLO Happy 25 Excuse me. {as if trying to start a conversation, not as in apologizing} 114
HELLO Neutral 50 What's your problem? 115
HELLO Neutral 50 You're funny looking. 116
LLFoodConv1 LLFoodConv1 Fear 25 Can I have mine without much dirt on it? I think I'm allergic. 117
LLRandomConv1 LLConversation1 Happy 25 Hey there! You doing alright? 118
LLRandomConv2 LLConversation2 Happy 25 I think I'm catching a cough. But I'll be fine. {A couple weak coughs} 119
LLRandomConvEnding LLRandomConvEnding Happy 25 Yeah, I see. Catch you later, I guess. {A couple weak coughs} 120
LLWhatsUp1 LLWhatsUp1 Happy 25 Hey, what's happening? 121
LLWhatsUp2 LLWhatsUp2 Happy 25 Just playing around, you know? {A couple weak coughs} 122