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Spruce Knob Boat Rental is an abandoned store on the northeastern side of Spruce Knob Lake in 2103.


Prior to the Great War, Spruce Knob Boat Rental loaned boats and fishing supplies to visitors and tourists. The shop was owned by Salty Sam, a person with a surly attitude.[1]

In 2103, the building was occupied by Rocco after he was exiled from Foundation. Here, Rocco made a deal with Lev to give the raider group guns, ammo, and supplies stolen from Foundation in exchange for a detonator and ensuring the raiders wouldn't break into Vault 79.[2]


Spruce Knob Boat Rental has one floor and a basement, consisting of the rental shop and a personal residence. The entrance to the building leads to the store section. The walls are lined with oars, boats, and fishing equipment. The store counter is situated in the corner of the room, surrounded by maintenance tools. Behind the counter is a small set of Dutch doors leading to the residential area.

The residential area consists of a living room, a small bedroom, and a kitchen. The living room is largely empty and has a sizable hole in the wall leading into the bedroom. The bedroom contains a sleeping bag next to a lit lantern and a safe. On a small wooden side table lies a note titled To Meg and Crater freaks.

The kitchen has a staircase leading down into the flooded basement, containing various tools and parts used in the maintenance of the rental equipment.

Notable loot[]


Spruce Knob Boat Rental appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.