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Join Bottle and Cappy's exciting game show over at the circus tent.

Event: Spin the Wheel is a public event in Fallout 76, introduced in the Nuka-World on Tour update.


This event takes place at the large circus tent in the middle of Nuka-World on Tour in the Ash Heap. It takes the form of a game show hosted by the voices of Bottle and Cappy, the Nuka-Cola mascots. When the event launches, the participants listen to the rules before being prompted to spin the wheel in the center.

Detailed walkthrough[]

Spinning the wheel will select a random challenge for the participants to complete. While these challenges are completed, the participants must defend three mascots: red, blue and yellow. There are five rounds in total, with a different challenge each of the five times the wheel is spun.

Possible challenge types include:

  • Boss Beatdown (Red) - Defeat a wave of dangerous enemies (for example, deathclaws, fog crawlers, Grafton monsters, sheepsquatches, or super mutant behemoths).
  • Crowd Control (Blue) - Defend the mascots against waves of various enemies (for example, feral ghouls, stingwings, mirelurks, Mister Gutsies, floaters, bees, super mutants, honey beasts, radtoads, rad ants, or gulpers). It will always feature two types of enemies, and the variation of the two will differ.
  • Time for a Twist (Yellow) - A top level Challenge header with the following random challenges:
    • Bottle Piñata - Requires participants to destroy an unwelcome Vim machine (or "Vim-Nata") in 30 seconds.
    • Brahmin Tipping - Requires participants to tip all of the brahmin situated around the tent in 30 seconds.
    • Chicken Chase - Requires participants to catch (interact with) several chickens in 30 seconds.
    • Explosive Friends - Requires participants to avoid exploding "FragStags" for 30 seconds.
    • Golden Cappy - Requires participants to locate and interact with 6 gold-painted Cappys in the immediate vicinity in 30 seconds.
    • Imposter - Requires participants to find and interact with the "imposter" Cappy within 30 seconds among the carnival stands.
    • Keep Moving - Requires participants to continually move without stopping for 30 seconds or else explode.

Once the fifth and final round is completed, Bottle and Cappy will congratulate the participants, and the event will finish. The rewards given at the end of the event are directly tied to the participants' performance in the game show. Failing to complete any of the challenges will negatively impact the given rewards, as will letting any of the three mascots be destroyed. If all three mascots are destroyed, the event will immediately fail. The best outcome for rewards is to successfully complete all five challenges and keep all three mascots intact.


  • Caps and experience
  • Unique event weapon: Whacker Smacker
  • Up to 3 legendary cores (1 guaranteed, 40% chance for a second and 20% for a third)
  • Event-specific plans: Cappy or Bottle plushie, circus stool, cube toy, hula hoop, ornament, poster, see-saw, stage trim, stairs, stilts, or snowglobe.
  • Random generic Nuka-World on Tour plan reward: Cappy or Bottle backpack flair, Cappy Smasher super sledge mod, workshop plans (standalone poster, ad barriers, Nuka stall crates, NWOT balloon, Nuka Bottle kiosk, carnival statues, Cappy Clapper, Bottle Bot)
  • 3 Treasury Notes (eq. to 30 gold bullion)
  • 1 Nuka-Cola Twist
  • Random Nuka-World on Tour consumables: Caramel mutfruit, carnival pie, gulper stuffed foot, Nuka-Bottle dog, Nuka-Dog, radroach skewers, radscorpion kebab, radscorpion skewer, yao guai pastry.
  • Random Nuka-Cola, Rad-X, stimpaks, anti-radiation chems

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Stand on the StageTake part in Bottle and Cappy's spectacular game show!
The Spin the Wheel game is about to begin. Head onto the stage to take part!
Listen to the rulesThe game show will be starting soon. Listen to Bottle and Cappy explain the rules.
Push the buttonTake part in Bottle and Cappy's spectacular game show!
Defend the Mascot
Find the Golden Cappys! (#/#)
Destroy the Vim-nata!
Defend Red/Yellow/Blue Mascot
Round (<Variable=wave>
Find the Cappy Imposter!
Catch the chickens!
Move or explode!
Push the Brahmin!
Avoid the FragStags!

Behind the scenes[]

  • Bottle and Cappy's voices in this event were both performed by Phillip Reich, who was also a voiceover director on the Nuka-World on Tour update.
  • During early testing in the Public Test Server, this event had the basic quest icon/animation of a Vault Boy thumbs-up. It was later replaced with a unique icon/animation.
  • During development, the launch distance for Brahmin Tipping was set at "atomically" high levels of velocity. It ultimately had to be reduced to its current levels due to resulting visual bugs; however, the development team was, for a time, sharply divided on whether to have a "normal" level of tipping or an "atomic" level.[1]
  • During the Public Test Server run of Nuka-World on Tour, testers noticed that the red and white benches surrounding the center stage of Spin the Wheel would infrequently move and turn around in mysterious fashion. As it turned out, an animation keyframe had been accidentally added to the benches, so they would actually be animated and move around while players were not looking. Jokingly compared to a poltergeist encounter, this bug was fixed for the final release of the update.[2]


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