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The ability to communicate in a practical and efficient manner. The skill of convincing others that your position is correct. The ability to lie and not get caught.— In-game description

Speech is a skill in Fallout: New Vegas. It determines the amount to succeed in a Speech challenge.


Example: A starting Charisma of 5 and Luck of 5.

Speech no longer has a '%' chance of working as in Fallout 3. It now works 100% of the time if one has the right Speech skill, which makes it impossible to save and load to bypass Speech challenges. A Speech challenge beyond the player's ability will usually have one dialogue option, and another when it is within the player's ability. Speech is an extremely useful skill in New Vegas, since it can frequently allow the player to avoid fights or accomplish quests more easily.

Speech in quests and exploration

Ways to increase Speech


Speech-based perks

Perk Requirement Level
Terrifying Presence 70 8