Speaker Poole interview is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The holotape can be found on the desk in Quinn Carter's office at Charleston Herald building.



Quinn Carter: Speaker Poole! Wait! Please just a moment of your time!

Abigale Poole: Just what I need... I'm sorry, don't have time right now Ms. Carter.

Quinn Carter: Are we still looking for Governor Evans? Is it true that Holbrook is the acting Governor?

Abigale Poole: No. The line of succession clearly states that the Speaker out ranks the Majority Whip. Look, I don't have time for-

Quinn Carter: Is it true that a mob of zombies attacked the southwestern check point?

Abigale Poole: What? What foolish- No. It was people affected by the radiation. There's a passel of them over in the medical center. Poor souls...

Quinn Carter: Has there been any word from Washington yet, ma'am? Are we still at war? What about the mutations? And the reports of the people seeing the Mothman?

Abigale Poole: Okay, that's enough. The Herald used to be an upstanding paper and y'all'r fixin' to turn it into a rag. This is a Closed Session. Marshall, see that our friend finds her way out. Mothman... really.

Marshall Barber: You heard her. Closed Session. No reporters.

Quinn Carter: Dammit. Fine. But there HAVE been reports of people seeing the Mothman.

Marshall Barber: Uh huh. Get out of here before I pull your press badge.

Quinn Carter: Okay... Okay! I'm going, you don't have to shove...

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