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Sparrow's logs is a holotape in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Capital Wasteland Mercenaries".



Rise and Shine

Ran my afternoon check on the birds. It was supposed to be a morning check, but hey, noon is morning to some people.

Anyways, I put the engine through a test run and found no leaks. Replaced a broken filter and safety wire. Also checked our fuel stocks. We're running low. Could go on another run next week, but knowing me I'll end up putting it off.

A Confession

I'm a big believer in the good fight, but I do get tired of the radio playing the same songs. I'd never tell Phil that though, he thinks the two go together like feathers on a bird.

Which reminds me, I need to replace the left propeller on V-bird #2. Also need to make repairs to the fuselage after that crash landing where I may or may have not been drunk.

Let the record state that I blame not the vodka, but the mutant for being a heavy son of a bitch.

Oh Shit

Mercy asked me to do a patrol this morning. I told her my mornings don't start until after the second bottle, but she insisted. Good thing too.

About ten minutes into my sweep I spotted a brigade of Talon Company mercs. They were camped out about thirty miles outside the plaza, heading in this direction. Phil asked if I was sure, like yeah I had a shot of vodka but I know a horde of angry looking dudes in black armor when I see them.

Oh Shit Oh Shit Oh Shit

Flew up sober just in case I was seeing double. I wasn't. We're gonna need reinforcments. Phil says he got in contact with some boys in Boston. They call themselves the Gunners. Hopefully that means they got the firepower to match the name, because otherwise we're in trouble.

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