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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, commonly referred to as the Soviet Union or abbreviated as USSR, was one of the major powers existing before the Great War.



The Soviet Union was the end result of the 1917 October Revolution, formally founded in 1922 as a federal union of Soviet republics. Nominally a federation, it was highly centralized in practice, dominated by the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, so much that the Soviet Union was frequently referred to as Soviet Russia or just Russia.[1]

The Soviet Union rapidly evolved from a backwater to a major power, shedding the legacy of the tsarist empire through rapid industrialization and modernization. It turned into a brutal dictatorship under the autocratic rule of Joseph Stalin, participating in World War II first as an ally of Nazi Germany and then its opponent. Though it lost millions, the Soviet Union was the ultimate victor of the European theater and an indispensable member of the Allied nations, in the victory over the Axis powers.[1]


However, despite military camaraderie and close cooperation as part of the Lend-Lease program, the ideological differences drove a rift between the allies soon after the war ended. Economic, military, and technological competition followed, leading to many disputes between the Soviet Union and the United States. One of the most prominent is the controversy over the first human in space: Despite Sino-Soviet protests and refutations, the United States consistently credited Captain Carl Bell as the first human in space, who successfully completed an orbital flight on May 5, 1961, on board Defiance 7, before dying in the capsule's crash landing.[2][3]

In the 21st century, the Soviet Union was a shadow of its former self. The USSR's western republics broke away, declaring independence,[4] and China supplanted the Union's position as a superpower, eclipsing its older communist sibling. However, the two communist powers were considered natural allies by the United States and thus a threat: After the outbreak of the Sino-American War, the possibility of a joint nuclear first strike by the USSR and China under orders from Chairman Cheng was considered as a viable option by defense analysts.[5]

By 2077, however, relations improved. As a nominally communist state, the Soviet Union was still considered a potential enemy among the U.S. military,[6] and corporate propaganda vilified the USSR as a land of forced labor camps and source of spies trying to obtain national secrets.[7] Communist propaganda was also commonly broadcast to the United States.[8][9] However, Soviet citizens could also openly immigrate to the United States.[10] There was a cultural gulf,[11] but Soviet citizens were commonly accepted,[12] especially in organized crime.[13] In fact, the relations were close enough that a Soviet diplomat from the Los Angeles consulate was accepted as a dweller of Vault 13, in the midst of the Sino-American War, and thus survived the war that extinguished most of human civilization, including the Soviet Union.[14]

Armed forcesEdit



Known locationsEdit

  • Russia
    • Moscow (mentioned in Fallout 4)[15]
    • Red Square (mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas)
    • The Kremlin (mentioned in Lonesome Road)
    • Chukchi Sea (seen on a map in a Capitol Post article about the liberation of Anchorage)
    • Chukotka (seen on a map in a Capitol Post article about the liberation of Anchorage)
    • Gulf of Anadyr (seen on a map in a Capitol Post article about the liberation of Anchorage)
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  • Abandoned oil refineries
  • Re-education Colony Gametitle-FOX
  • Steppes villages Gametitle-FOX


The Soviet Union is mentioned in Fallout, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, Fallout 76 and its content update Wastelanders, and Fallout Tactics. It was also meant to appear in the canceled game Fallout Extreme as an explorable area.

Behind the scenesEdit

The nuclear Armageddon in the back-story was between the US and China. After shipping several people asked me why China and not the old standby, the Soviet Union. I made the choice when I remembered experiences with Oleg, a Moscow developer I worked with months before when I was assistant-producing a typing game. Once, in the middle of a phone conversation, I heard some muffled bangs, and the phone went quiet. When I asked him what the noise was, he replied, "Oh, it was just the Russian mob firing their guns in the street." I thought he was joking – he wasn't. After that, I had a really hard time believing that the once mighty USSR would be in a position to threaten the world any time soon. So I turned to the next major communist country that typifies "the East": China.— R. Scott Campbell, Origins of Fallout
  • In Wastelanders, a top secret Soviet spy ring was planned for inclusion. The player would find a Soviet Mr Handy and complete Mission: Accessible, a training program that would prepare them for secret operations for "Mother Russia."[16]



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