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Fo Southwest Commonwealth
Fo Southwest Commonwealth
The Southwest Commonwealth
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The Southwest Commonwealth was one of the thirteen commonwealths of the pre-War United States.


Created in 1969, it was comprised of the former states of Southern California, Nevada and Hawaii.[1] The commonwealth bordered the Northwest Commonwealth, the Four States Commonwealth, and the country of Mexico.

Former Southern CaliforniaEdit

Paladin Leila Rahmani led the First Expeditionary Force across the country, from Lost Hills to Appalachia, with goals of re-establishing contact with the lost chapter of the Brotherhood.[2]

New CaliforniaEdit

Main article: New California

New California is a region defined by the presence of the New California Republic, which is comprised of the entirety of California as well as areas of northern Nevada, southern Oregon, and Baja California, Mexico. By 2281, the region is dominated by the NCR.

Also known as the Core Region, and formerly known as southern California. The city of San Diego was damaged during the war, with its inhabitants eventually leading an exodus to the ruins of Los Angeles, now known as the Boneyard. Located in between is "the Glow," the ruins of a West Tek research facility. Junktown, the Hub, and Shady Sands make up the northern part of the region.

By 2281, the region is dominated by the NCR, which controls a large portion of southern California. Its borders stretch south into Baja, up into northern California, and east into Nevada and Arizona. A pre-War welcome to California sign can be seen along Nevada State Route 164 near Nipton, featuring three poppies, the state flower.

Former NevadaEdit

The former state of Nevada is desolate. Few are able to traverse the rough terrain of the Sierra Nevada Mountains alone. The region is sparsely populated. New Reno is the most significant town of northern Nevada, with smaller settlements such as Vault City, Gecko, and Broken Hills dotting the map.

The Desert Rangers operated out of Nevada, as well as Utah and Arizona. Caesar's Legion would eventually push them out of the Utah and Arizona, and into Nevada. They would go on to become assimilated into the New California Republic in exchange for protection against the Legion.

There are several highways that bear the namesake of Nevada on their signage, including Nevada State Route 157, 159, 160, 164, and 564. A Nevada welcome sign can be found along NV-164 near Nipton, with its pre-War motto of "the Silver State."

The Big Ranch Nevada State Lotto company facilitated the Nevada statewide lottery before the war. An advertisement for the company can be seen on a billboard far north of Southern Nevada Wind Farm and on the lottery tickets found in Nipton and scattered around the Mojave Wasteland.

Mojave WastelandEdit

Main article: Mojave Wasteland

The Mojave Wasteland is a region comprised of southern Nevada, as well as parts of California and Arizona.[3] In 2274, the NCR sent scouts to the region and discovered the ruins of Las Vegas and an intact Hoover Dam. Plans were made to occupy the dam, and restore it to a working order to provide the NCR with power. The enigmatic Mr. House saw the arrival of the NCR as an opportunity and sent his securitrons to the tribes inhabiting the ruins - offering supplies and materials in exchange for their service.

Three tribes accepted this deal, forming what would be the Three Families, with each group running their own casino on the Strip. When the NCR returned in force to the Mojave, they found securitrons and the Families already occupying the dam. The New Vegas Treaty was signed, with the sovereignty of New Vegas recognized and guaranteed by the NCR, while the NCR would take full control of the Dam, with 5% of its power being routed to New Vegas.

In 2277, Caesar's Legion arrived in force to take the region - leading to the First Battle of Hoover Dam. The Legion ultimately lost the battle with the Malpais Legate, who led the Legion forces, set on fire, and thrown into the Grand Canyon as punishment. The war then ground to a stalemate as both sides shored up their forces on either side of the Colorado River until the Second Battle of Hoover Dam in 2281.

The DivideEdit

A region on the border of California and Nevada. Before the war, the area was the site of numerous nuclear missile silos and the Big MT complex's scientific experiments. A small trading community formed in the pre-War towns of Hopeville and Ashton, and was beginning to thrive. The NCR-Legion War came to the region, as the Divide proved a crucial transportation route for NCR troops to the Mojave. The Legion, in turn, sought to cut off the NCR's transportation circuit.

The battles would be all for naught, as a courier unintentionally brought a nuclear detonator recovered from the Enclave at Navarro. The detonator set off the still dormant nuclear missiles underground, destroying the region with earthquakes, radiation, dust, and sandstorms that could skin a man alive. Both the Legion and the NCR were forced to abandon the forces they had in the region.

Joshua Graham mentions this situation and the state of Nevada by name when describing to the Courier how the New California Republic used to be able to bring reinforcements into the Mojave via California State Route 127. He explains the storm in the Divide cut the NCR supply lines, making the NCR unable to travel north to get around the mountains into Nevada.[4]

Former HawaiiEdit

Before the war, a military presence existed in the state, from where destroyer ships were deployed and was a destination for aviators.[5][6]

Gametitle-FOS Vault dwellers will occasionally mention Hawaiian style pizza.[7]

Major factionsEdit

Known locationsEdit

Name of location Former state Game(s)
Area 2 Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Area 51 Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Ashton Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Big MT Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Bitter Springs Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Black Mountain Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Bonnie Springs Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Broken Hills Nevada Gametitle-FO2
Caliente Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Callville Bay Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Clark Field Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Colorado River Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Cottonwood Cove Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Death Valley Nevada / California Gametitle-FNV
Goodsprings Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Griffith Peak Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Guardian Peak Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Hawthorne Army Depot Nevada Gametitle-FNV
H&H Tools Factory Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Henderson Nevada Gametitle-FNV
HELIOS One Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Hoover Dam Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Hidden Valley Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Highway 93 Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Highway 95 Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Hopeville Nevada Gametitle-FNV
I-15 Nevada / California Gametitle-FNV
I-40 Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Jean Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Lake Mead Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Las Vegas Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Mount Charleston Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Nellis Air Force Base Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Nelson Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Old Mormon Fort Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Primm Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Red Rock Canyon Nevada Gametitle-FNV
REPCONN headquarters Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Sierra Nevada Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Sloan Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Spring Mt. Ranch State Park Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Westside Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Yangtze Memorial Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Yucca Mountain Nevada Gametitle-FNV
Anaheim California Gametitle-FO2
Anza-Borrego California Gametitle-FNV
Baja California Gametitle-FNV
Big Circle California Gametitle-FO2
Boneyard California Gametitle-FO2 Gametitle-FNV Gametitle-FO4 Gametitle-FO76 WL
Broken Hills California Gametitle-FNV
Dayglow California Gametitle-FO2 Gametitle-FNV
Fort Abandon California Gametitle-FNV
Gecko California Gametitle-FO2
Junktown California Gametitle-FO1
Irvine California Gametitle-FO2
Lost Hills California Gametitle-FO1 Gametitle-FO3 Gametitle-FO76 Gametitle-FO76 One Wasteland
Mariposa Military Base California Gametitle-FO1 Gametitle-FO2
Monterey California Gametitle-FO4
Necropolis California Gametitle-FO1
Nipton California Gametitle-FNV
Oak Creek California Gametitle-FNV
One Pine California Gametitle-FNV
Owens Lake California Gametitle-FNV
San Onofre California Gametitle-FNV
Shady Sands California Gametitle-FO1 Gametitle-FO2
Short Loop California Gametitle-FO2 Gametitle-FNV
The Hub California Gametitle-FO1
Vault City California Gametitle-FO1
West Tek research facility California Gametitle-FO1
Maui Hawaii Gametitle-FO4


The Southwest Commonwealth appears in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas and its add-ons, as well as the Fallout Bible. It is mentioned in Fallout 3, Fallout 4 and its add-on Far Harbor, Fallout 76 and its One Wasteland For All update, as well as Fallout Shelter. The pre-War iteration of the Fabulous New Vegas sign appears in the Atomic Command Pip-Boy game. The Southwest Commonwealth was also to appear in Van Buren and Jason Mical's Fallout Pen and Paper d20.



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