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The southeast town is an unmarked location in the exterior of Nuka-World in 2287.


The southeast town is a ruined village southeast of Nuka-station and Nuka-Town USA. There are several road signs at the western and eastern entrances, but all are devoid of markings or letters.


The town consists of mostly barred up buildings and houses, which are located around a rectangular one-way street. A main road runs through the northern part of town from east to west, to which both ends of the one-way street connect to. The western side of town has a barred up book shop, with chemistry and cooking stations on the porch and a mattress next to a radio on the second floor, accessible via the wooden ladder.

On the southwestern edge is a small parking lot with a derelict bus. Located along the one-way street in the southern part of town are inaccessible establishments including a bakery and candy store, a small coffee shop and an unmarked building. There is also an an accessible two story restaurant with a Port-A-Diner on the second floor and a skeleton in a wheelchair on the roof. Across the street is a Nuka Cola vending machine that has a functional screen, displaying a unique advertisement featuring Bottle and Cappy on a loop. Behind the restaurant is a small and overgrown playground.

The eastern side of town has a half sunken small house, a barred up ice cream parlor, a two story tall inaccessible building near the main road and a four story building with a barred up salon on the street level. On the side of the building is a fire ladder, leading up to a skeleton on a mattress and an Advanced-locked safe. Behind the building is a small, shallow pond. It is inhabited by feral ghouls and has another Advanced-locked safe near the sewage pipe.

In the center of town, there is a small patio area with several skeletons and settler corpses, alongside a cooking station and three sleeping bags. The area is usually inhabited by either cave crickets, bloodworms, or flying ant swarms.


The southeast town appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Behind the scenes

Based on the location's editor ID (DLC04POIRJ03), the town was created by level designer Ryan Jenkins.