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South River Bridge is a location in the Skyline Valley region of Appalachia.


This bridge in Shenandoah National Park is part of the road from Skyline Drive to Camp Liberty, a summer retreat for the Pioneer Scouts. On the day of the Great War, a bus carrying a group of Pioneer Scouts, including Thomas, Ben, and driver/Scout leader Mr. Mitchell, was en route to Camp Liberty and crashed near the bridge when the bombs struck. The children survived, but Mitchell was impaled by a tree and killed. The children made their way to Camp Liberty, where they were indoctrinated into communists as part of Operation Sleeping Giant.[1]

Sometime after the Great War, Thomas' stepfather, Harry Edwards, came to Shenandoah hoping to find his missing stepson at Camp Liberty. He never made it, dying at the bridge and a leaving behind a note for someone else to finish his journey and find Thomas.[2]


This is a small, partially destroyed wooden road bridge running across a river connecting Skyline Drive to Camp Liberty. The gate to Camp Liberty, which is now decorated with a Chinese flag, can be found on the south end of the bridge. The Pioneer Scouts' crashed bus can be found around the southern end of the bridge, with the remains of its driver still inside, as well as two beehives. Some other items in the bus include several notes, a bow, and some backpacks (containers, not apparel). The bridge is populated by Liberators. A corpse, that of Harry Edwards, is found at the northern end of the bridge. Slightly to the east, a truck has crashed and fallen partially into the riverbank.

Notable loot[]


South River Bridge appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.