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South Boston is a ruined pre-War district of Boston.


Before the Great War, South Boston was a neighborhood serviced by Andrew station and patrolled by the Boston Police Department from the South Boston precinct. The district was industrial, containing several factories and plants. It was also the primary area of operation for a notorious crime boss, Eddie Winter.[1] Molly, a raider living in Appalachia, describes the district before the war, explaining that it was, "real bad" with "military blockades, trigger-happy cops, and looming over it all, the monster himself. Eddie. Winter."[2]

One of the oldest buildings in the area is The Castle, formerly known as Fort Independence, which predated the American Revolutionary War.[3] After the bombs fell, the Commonwealth Minutemen adopted the Castle as their headquarters, before being driven out by mirelurks in 2240. Marowski, a post-War drug kingpin, also operates a chem lab in the Four Leaf fishpacking plant. The area is now home to bands of raiders, super mutants, and mirelurks.



South Boston appears in Fallout 4 and is mentioned in Fallout 76.



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