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Gametitle-FNV HH

Sorrows adorned outfit is a piece of clothing in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


The Sorrows adorned outfit consists of a simple loincloth for males, with an additional sports bra-style top for females. It is decorated with necklaces, an ankle band, and an armband with two small feathers.

It provides a Damage Threshold of 2, and a bonus of +5 to the Survival skill.


  • Sorrows outfit - Varies slightly in appearance, but has the same statistics.


  • Zion Canyon - Worn by some members of the Sorrows tribe. Openly killing a Sorrows tribal to acquire the outfit will immediately fail all associated quests in Zion and initiate Chaos in Zion. An undetected sneak attack will not affect any quests.
  • White Bird's cave - Worn by White Bird. It can be obtained by pickpocketing him and placing armor with a DT higher than 2 into his inventory. Exiting the cave, traveling elsewhere and then re-entering (thereby initiating a loading screen) should cause him to equip the higher DT armor. The Sorrows adorned outfit can now be pickpocketed from him, causing Karma loss but no quest failures.
  • Three Marys - This armor, along with a Dead Horses stalker armor, may be found at the White Legs camp. Directly under the map marker the river flows around a small island, on which two slain tribals are lying - a Dead Horse and a Sorrow. The Sorrow will be wearing either this outfit or a Sorrows outfit. Their armor can be taken without penalty or risk of failing any quests.
    • Their appearance is triggered by your first meeting with Joshua Graham in the Angel cave. Traveling to Three Marys after this should cause the bodies to spawn.
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