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The Sons of Dane compound terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals in the Sons of Dane compound in Fallout 76.

Paulie Keith's terminal

FO76 Sons of Dane compound (Paulie Keith’s Terminal).jpg

Note: This desk terminal is located on the small green metal table in the trailer east of the warehouse.

Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Sons of Dane Compound - Paulie Keith

Not Paulie? GO AWAY!!

Entry 10.11.77

This homestead sure is one hell of a find. Isolated, defensible and abandoned. All we had to do was march in and grab the place. It's as if someone left us a gift.

Dane said we should move in right away. By the time the authorities figure out what we've done, we'll be dug in and ready for action. We took a vote and we all agreed. This is where the Sons of Dane are planting their flag.

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Entry 10.15.77

We've set up hunting parties to bring food into the compound. The Sons of Dane do not shop at the grocery store. Our goal is establishing a one-hundred percent self-sufficient community. There's fresh water nearby and the woods are fully stocked with game.

When the storm comes, and society collapses, we will be ready.

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Entry 10.20.77

Dane said that we turn the old barn into a beer hall. We usually like to get rowdy outside by a bonfire, but we decided to keep things low key. Bringing the party indoors will make drinking safer, plus give us a place to store the beer we've been hauling.

This place is getting better by the day!

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Entry 10.23.77

Them bombs fell today. Society as we know it is done.

Even after all the explosions and the shaking ground, our compound is safe. Dane, after all his prophesizing and his speeches, kept his word. He's delivered us from destruction.

We've decided to lay low a few days and let the chaos die down before we explore our new world. Glad we stockpiled those hazmat suits.

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Entry 10.30.77

It hasn't taken us long to discover that living in this new world isn't gonna be simple. The game we were depending on for food is gone, the fresh water tainted with radioactive poison.

If we want to survive, our kind needs to adapt. Dane's ordered us to pair up and find supplies, taking them using any means necessary to get what's ours. Now the fighting really begins.

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Dane Roger's terminal

FO76 Sons of Dane compound (Dane Roger’s Terminal).jpg

Note: This desk terminal is located on the wooden desk on the second floor of the house. It is locked and requires Hacker rank 2.

Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Sons of Dane Compound - Dane Rogers

If your name ain't Dane, FUCK OFF!!

Sons of Dane Communications

Sons of Dane Compound - Dane Rogers

Sons of Dane Communications

The Beginning

From: Dane
Subject: The Beginning

BROTHERS! I want to welcome you all to the beginning of our very important movement. A movement that will lead to us being truly free from the oppressive grip of a government that is no longer on the side OF THE PEOPLE.

Clarksburg taught us a valuable lesson. No longer can we sit complacent and wait for armed men to break us apart, seize our land, or murder our ranks in cold blood. The Sons of Dane recognize no government that continues to drive our great nation into the abyss, and will fight TO THE DEATH for what is rightfully ours!

This compound represents more than the land it sits upon. It represents freedom, it represents opportunity - and after the inevitable collapse of organized society as we know it, it will represent THE FUTURE.

Join me tonight at the Buck's Den, brothers. Join me for an evening of food, entertainment, debauchery, and drunken revelry. Join me to celebrate a day of glorious rebirth as the sovereign citizens of the Sons of Dane!


From: Paulie
To: Dane
Subject: Supplies

Dane, we just took inventory of the supplies we got from the gentleman who generously donated his land to the cause. We got plenty of water but we're gonna need a lot more food if we're gonna survive in the bunkers for any meaningful amount of time. And a shitload more booze if we're gonna do it without killing each other.

Our journey to self-sufficiency starts today. Weaker men would stock up at the Red Rocket Mega Stop down the road, but we are not weak men. I'll see you in the hunting grounds, brother.

RE: how long??

From: Dane
To: Clem
Subject: RE: how long??

Brother, you're a free man like the rest of us so you can do what you'd like. But if you fuck with the compound while we're gone, I'll kill you myself.
From: Clem
To: Dane
Subject: how long??

boss! jackson said we was gonna be crammed together in the same bunker when the bombs hit until its safe to go outside. what?? cant i just stay out here? i won't mess with nothing while you guys are gone.

A New Start

From: Dane
Subject: A New Start

Brothers - I welcome you to the new world. A world free of a government that works against the people. We went underground as slaves, and have now emerged as free men!

We have much to do. We have food, water, and now even power. But we must focus on more than survival. We must thrive in this new world. We have been given an opportunity to be the men we were truly meant to be. This will mean hard work for everybody, but nothing great in life ever comes without true dedication.

Tonight, we celebrate in the Buck's Den. To the future!

guard duty

From: Clem
To: Dane
Subject: guard duty

boss, listen - you know im a loyal soldier. ive been with the sons since the beginning and ive done everything you said with no complaining. and im real grateful that you saved all our lives and all that by getting us underground when the bombs hit.

i know i done brought this up 3 times now but can i PLEASE switch away from the night shift guard post at the west gate? ill do whatever it takes.

its just that.. i swear theres something out here at night. something out to get me. its real fast and it makes these crazy noises. every morning i see these animal corpses, completely gutted. like somethings eating them raw. aint no hunter or bear gonna jack them up that bad.

i told verne and he said i was just making this up so i can party at the bucks den with everybody else at night. that's bullshit. there's something out there and nobody believes me! surviving for so long underground wont mean shit if we all get eaten by some crazy night demon.

Dane's Journal

Sons of Dane Compound - Dane Rogers

Dane's Journal

First Dead

We were partying in Buck's Den Beer Hall when the thing busted its way inside. It was late, real late. The lights were low and most of us had passed out. It grabbed Jackson by the leg and swung him against the wall, smashing his brains out before he even had a chance to shout. I swear, I put six bullets in the thing, but it didn't drop. By the time we got the lights back, Jackson's body and the creature were gone. All that was left was a pool of blood.

Now Verne's Gone

It's been a while since what happened to Jackson. A week, maybe ten days? We heard scraping on the barn wall and we knew the thing was out there, hungry.

Paulie yelled at Verne to cut off the damn music, but Verne wasn't there no more. The creature pulled his dumb ass right through a window. We readied our guns, but Verne must have been enough. It's picking us off one by one.

Cold Trail

I decided enough is enough. We need to track that son-of-a-bitch down and end it before we all ended up like Jackson and Verne. Angie is the best damn tracker in Appalachia, and it didn't take long to spot the creature's path.

We followed the tracks for a while, then it just ended, like the thing vanished. Now I'm starting to think this thing ain't dumb. Maybe it wanted us to follow to see how many of us there were. We decided to get back to the compound before dark.

Nightstalker and Bye Angie

So, Angie is jamming on her guitar around midnight when our hunter busted in. She cracked it over the head with her six-string, but it just got pissed. It tore her chest open in one clean swipe, like gutting a deer.

We opened fire, but just like before, it was gone and so was poor Angie. The thing keeps hitting us after dark, and the Sons are now calling it the "Nightstalker." Whatever it is, we need to kill it before we all end up as its food.

Calling All Hunters

Jackson, Verne, Angie and now Clem and Beeks. The Nightstalker decided to take two more Sons from the beer hall tonight.

There's only a handful of us left, and I don't know how to stop it. If we don't do something fast, the Sons of Dane are gonna be worm food. I'm gonna set up a message and broadcast it for help. We need a serious hunter to take down the Nightstalker, and we need one fast.

Remote Door Control

Note: Accessing this command opens the security gate in the basement of the house. It is locked and requires Picklock level 3.

MaxLock Remote Door Control Interface
STATUS: Closed

Note: This is the header once the remote door is opened.

MaxLock Remote Door Control Interface

Open Door

Opening door... done.

> Accessing Door...