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The Sons of Dane automated alert is a radio signal in Fallout 76. It starts the One Violent Night quest.


The radio signal comes from Sons of Dane compound.



This is Dane Rodgers with an automated alert! An unknown dangerous creature has been sighted in the vicinity of the Sons of Dane Compound. This thing's been attackin' the Buck's Den Beer House every night while we party! We call it the Nightstalker. It's killed some of our best guys. Paulie says the loud music is what's pissin' it off, so we can make a ruckus to draw it here and set up an ambush. Hell if some beast's gonna put an end to our good time. So, we're fixin' on blastin' the jukebox and jammin' on instruments loud as we can. Even rigged up some old busted instruments to shake around, and beat on some of those Ferals we caught. That all should make a proper ruckus. Somethin' 'bout all them particular sounds seems to send the sonovabitch into a blind rage. Any good hunters out there want to stop by and help us kill the Nightstalker tonight, you'll be rewarded in all the beer and partyin' you can handle! Message is set to repeat.

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