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For the weapon in Old World Blues, see Sonic emitter (weapon).

The sonic emitter is a quest item in Fallout: New Vegas.


This item is received during the quest Ant Misbehavin' if the Courier chooses to go to Loyal and pass a Speech check of 50 or a Science check of 50.

Related questEdit


  • It kills the ants in the building and counts these deaths towards the Bug Stomper challenge, but does not give XP for those kills.
  • Ants killed by using this count as kills by Melee Weapons as they count toward the related challenge.[verification overdue]

Behind the scenesEdit

Depending on the Courier's Science skill, when talking to Loyal about it for the Science check, if the skill is too low, there will be a Spinal Tap reference in which the Courier will say "Turn it up to 11!"


PCIcon pc It can remain in your inventory after the quest if you didn't place it into an ant mound. To remove it, open the console and type player.removeitem 10417f 1. [verified]

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