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Help Maggie Williams retrieve a priceless item from Monongah Mine.

Something Sentimental is a side quest in the Fallout 76 update The Legendary Run.


The quest starts by traveling to Foundation and speaking with Maggie. Alternatively, one can enter Monongah Mine during the A Colossal Problem event and pick up a holotape entitled A father's goodbye, which will also lead to her.

She tasks the player character with finding a way to enter the mine for the purpose of finding any trace of her father, Earle. She mentions that a large explosion may pry the mine's entrance open. Another clue as to how to gain entrance can be found in the form of a raider's note.

In any case, the next step is to drop a nuke on Monongah Mine, triggering the event quest A Colossal Problem, thus gaining access to the mine's interior. This can be done by completing Mission: Countdown and launching a missile, or that another player nukes the mine. Afterwards one just needs to join and complete the public event A Colossal Problem. Progressing the event quest results in the player character finding and having to kill her father, who has mutated into a powerful wendigo colossus. Afterward, one can find his pocket watch on his remains.

Traveling back to Maggie will conclude the quest by choosing one out of three different dialogue choices with different outcomes:

  • Lying to her that nothing was found allows for keeping the pocket watch. Requires +8 of Charisma.
  • Telling her that only the watch was found results in losing the watch and gaining 60 caps as well as ~300 XP.
  • Telling her the truth about her father's mutation and death results in losing the watch and gaining 60 caps as well as ~300 XP.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Find a way inside Monongah MineMaggie Williams has asked me for help with retrieving her father's pocket watch. She says that he was in the Monongah Mine before Hornwright Industrial collapsed it.
? Optional: Talk with Maggie about ideas on how to get insideI found a note by a couple of raiders that talks about trying to use explosives to get inside the mine. It doesn't seem like that will be enough, maybe if I get control of a nuke...
? Use a Nuke to get into Monongah MineMaggie thinks that a blast from a nuke might remove the rubble so I can get inside the mine.
? Retrieve the Pocket WatchI've gotten inside Monongah Mine. Time to see what I can find.
I found a pocket watch belonging to Earle Williams... but I found it on the corpse of a monstrous Wendigo Colossus that I killed. Now I need to decide if I will tell Maggie the truth or not about her father.
? Return to MaggieI told Maggie I didn't find anything so I got to keep the pocket watch. I wonder how much this thing will sell for. OR
I decided to spare Maggie the gory details of her father's fate, and just give her the pocket watch instead. OR
I only thought it was right to tell the truth, so I told Maggie everything when I gave her the pocket watch. She was understandably upset, but if I was her I would want to know the truth.


  • Although the quest's existence was known prior to the release of Wastelanders, it was ultimately not released on April 14, 2020, alongside the update's first release. It was finally activated on August 18 in The Legendary Run patch, following further testing in the game's Private Test Server.[1] It was originally slated to be included with Patch 20, then Patch 21, but was delayed both times to allow for polishing and internal testing.[2]