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Something's up is a holotape in Fallout 76.


It can be found on the third floor in National Radio Astronomy Research Center.


Jonathan Wajowski: There's some weird shit going on here, man.

MaleEvenToned: What are you talking about?

Jonathan Wajowski: I know we just started our internship here, but I can already tell there's something off about this place.

MaleEvenToned: Like what?

Jonathan Wajowski: I heard a couple of the full-timers talking about some off-the-wall stuff, and... wait, are you recording this? What the fuck, man? What's going on?

MaleEvenToned: You were told to keep your head down and do your research, Jonathan.

Jonathan Wajowski: Wait, who are they?

MaleRough: We need you to come with us, Jonathan.