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Somerville Place is a location and settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Somerville Place is located next to the Charles River, near to the Glowing Sea, with the area consisting of a run-down house with some furniture and a small farm. It is initially occupied by a single father and his two children, all of whom are unnamed. The location will become a usable settlement after completing one of the following quests: Kidnapping, Raider Troubles, or Ghoul Problem.


  • In the marshes east of the settlement is the sniper's hideout.
  • A sentry bot checkpoint is located very close to the settlement, just over the hill to the northwest. If it is outside of its cage, the sentry bot may be heard engaging nearby packs of mongrel dogs. The sentry bot itself is hostile, does not regain its health over time, nor does it respawn once it has been destroyed.
  • To the northeast of the settlement is a large statue that a single, high-level raider is working on with a welder. The raider will respawn every few days when the map cell resets.
  • The beds here are not marked as owned and can be used by the player character without being allied to the settlement.
  • The two small beds for the children cannot be scrapped.
  • The two children cannot be assigned to tasks, or otherwise engaged (as is typical for children elsewhere in Fallout 4), although they will care for the crops. The father cannot be assigned to run a supply line.


Somerville Place appears only in Fallout 4.