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The Somerset Special is a unique .44 pistol weapon in Fallout 76.


This weapon is a Legendary variant of the .44 pistol. It is modified with a scope, and has the legendary effect Anti-Armor (ignores 50% of your target's armor) baked in.

The default configuration of the weapon is:

  • Hardened receiver
  • Snubnose barrel
  • Standard grip
  • Short scope
  • Standard paint

Weapon modificationsEdit

As the Somerset Special is a variant of the .44 pistol, it can be modified to use all of the mods.



This weapon is a quest reward for Final Departure. As a quest reward, this pistol can drop at a much lower level than most .44 pistols, however it is able to scale up to level 45 depending on character's level when completing the quest.

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