Collect data for Dr. Eddie Harrison's Vox device by shooting creatures with special darts.

Daily: Someone to Talk To is a repeatable daily quest in Fallout 76.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Explore the city of Monongah, which is located north of the Top of the World. Find the large house, and go down to the basement containing a large amount of laboratory equipment. Use Dr. Eddie Harrison's terminal. Select the "Begin Vox Interpreter Data Collection Exercise" entry to begin the quest.

Take the vox interpreter holotape, and load into the Pip-Boy. Find creatures to shoot with the vox syringer by using vox darts. The three targets will be randomly selected from the following list:

Locations where the animals could be found will be marked on the map, but there is a strong chance that the animals may not spawn once in the vicinity of the suggested area, so a good option is to either wait for them to appear, or switch to another server in the hopes of getting better targets that are easier to find.

Once all three targets have been tested, return to the basement, place the vox syringer back in the metal box where it was removed from earlier, and load the collected data into the terminal to complete the quest.

Quest stages[edit | edit source]

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Investigate the HouseThere's something peculiar about this house. I have a feeling that if I do some digging and find a terminal, I might be able to find something interesting.
? Begin Vox Interpreter Data Collection ExerciseThe Vox data from last time should be finished processing. I should return and run the Vox interpreter data collection exercise again. OR
A scientist named Dr. Harrison seems to have developed a method for interpreting animal noises into human speech. He left instructions I can follow in order to test out his work, and help to improve upon it by gathering more data.
? Load the Vox Interpreter Holotape Into Pip-BoyDr. Eddie Harrison was working on a device that would let him interpret animal sounds into a common language so he could "talk" with them. I should load the Vox Interpreter holotape and grab the Vox Syringer to get started.
? Take the Vox Syringer
? Shoot Target with a Vox Dart: (random target 1)I need to find the specified creatures and shoot them with the Vox Syringer. Once the transmission starts, I need to keep the creature alive and within range for enough time to collect sufficient data.
? Shoot Target with a Vox Dart: (random target 2)
? Shoot Target with a Vox Dart: (random target 3)
? Shoot Target with a Vox Dart: (random target 4)
? Get back within range of the <Alias=TargetNameSaved01>
? Return the Vox SyringerI have collected all the data I need. I should return the Vox Syringer. I will then need to return the holotape to Dr. Harrison's terminal so it can process and store the information.
?Quest finishedReturn the Vox Interpreter Holotape to the TerminalI have collected all the data I need. I should return the holotape to Dr. Harrison's terminal so it can process and store the information.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Since some of the possible targets have very few hitpoints (i.e. Cats, Beavers, Opposums, Foxes, Rabbits), players utilizing a ranged build (stealth or sniper) may accidentaly kill their target. As the Vox syringer's damage benefits from all three Rifleman perks as well as from other damage enhancing perks like Bloody Mess, those should be unequipped if the player finds their syringer too powerful.

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