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Solomon's pond is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2102.


Solomon's pond is a small farming property with a boarded up house and a couple of shacks surrounding it, located next to a small pond. There is a weapons workbench, tinker's workbench, chemistry station and two cooking stations at the property. A few Scorched have made it their home.

Notable lootEdit

  • Power armor chassis with some T-series armor pieces on the platform with the water purification equipment.
  • Random magazine - Behind some stacked wooden crates in the southwestern shed which is near some workbenches.
  • Minigun
  • Several copper ore veins can be found on and around some rocks just north of the pond.


To the southwest, there is an unmarked pond occupied by a behemoth super mutant.


Solomon's pond appears only in Fallout 76.

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